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June 29, 2017
Written by Andrei Klubnikin, Senior Content Manager
Since 2013, the global software outsourcing market ($ 288 billion) has been growing at a CAGR of 5.84%. However, IT outsourcing paradigm has shifted from cost reduction to long-term partnership and access to new talent pools. That’s why Western companies often take the DDT/T&M approach to software development. The question is, how to hire a programmer overseas? R-Style Lab Business Development Unit weighs in.
April 20, 2017
Written by Andrei Klubnikin, Senior Content Manager
The advantages of software outsourcing stretch far beyond cost reduction. 35% of enterprises surveyed by Deloitte have already measured innovation in their outsourcing partnerships. It is the access to new talent pools and expertise in crafting niche solutions that make customers explore new IT outsourcing destinations including Eastern Europe. And that’s why Belarus is trending, too.
May 12, 2016
Written by Andrei Klubnikin, Senior Content Manager
In 2013, the global spending on IT outsourcing reached $ 288 billion. By 2019, the market is expected to grow by 5.84%. Outsourcing brings huge profit; it’s no wonder Eastern European governments take ultimate measures to create investor-friendly environment. And Belarus is no exception. What are the benefits of outsourcing to Eastern Europe & how to make your partnership a success? Read on to find out!
April 08, 2016
Written by Andrei Klubnikin, Senior Content Manager
Successful enterprises outsource software development. Opera hired offshore specialists to build & set up its platform. IBM employs over 100 thousand developers from South Asia. Skype, the world’s most popular Internet telephony service, was created by an offshore team from East-Central Europe. Why don’t you follow their example? Here’s how to find a reliable software developer.
April 04, 2016
Written by Andrei Klubnikin, Senior Content Manager
Last year Everest Group revealed that financial organizations prefer to outsource IT-related tasks (including software development) at a fixed price. In fact, the popularity of this model has grown from 30% in 2011 to 40% in 2014. And it’s a common tendency for many industries. Is the Fixed Price approach suitable for your project? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such cooperation? Read on to find out!
March 22, 2016
Written by Andrei Klubnikin, Senior Content Manager
Outsourcing IT-related tasks (and software development in particular!) is often hit or miss. If you choose the right company & pricing model, you can decrease dev costs by 60%. The dedicated approach proves to be one of the most popular types of offshore cooperation. IT experts cite increased productivity and effective project management as the key benefits of working with a dedicated development team (DDT). And here’s why.

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