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Quick Guide into Project Management or How not to Fail

Project Managment

According to a recent study by IBM, 68% of all projects fail because of poor project management. Yes, a Project Manager is heart and soul of a project, no matter how cheesy it sounds. Thus, whether you’re looking for a project manager or choosing a software development company, you’d better understand what good project management is. Good news: we’ve gathered the most important info in one infographic to ease your pain.


How to Organize Programmer's Workplace

If you think about organizing programmer’s workplace – here are 8 important rules to follow. They will teach you how to organize developer's workplace and hopefully, increase your work productivity.


Time Management for Software Developers

time management

With a wide professional experience behind, our CEO Vitaly Nikulenka reveals the essential fundamentals of time management. R-Style Lab’s Management advice will put a twist on your working routine, teaching how to pick up the pace, master the working process and get the things done. Start applying these useful tips and feel the immediate results.


How to Prioritize Tasks Effectively

If you have too many tasks and you understand that it’s impossible to do them on time – you should come up to the manager and say: “These are deadlines and these are tasks. If I resolve these issues, those ones will fail to meet the deadlines. Or, I can complete these tasks but the others will not meet the timeline. I cannot do everything within the defined time span.”


R-Style Lab: Fun Facts

June 21, R-Style Lab celebrated its Birthday. To commemorate this event, we’ve created funny infographics about our team. We hope this infographics helps you to find out some interesting facts about our company and gives you a reason to smile.
And once again Happy Birthday R-Style Lab!


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