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R-Style Lab offers comprehensive custom software development services for the IoT ecosystem. We help innovative tech startups to one-up the competition with smart products in wearables, healthcare, connected home and industrial automation fields, and aid businesses with their goals to cut down on expenses and increase their efficiency with actionable data from distributed connected sensors, objects and devices.


R-Style Lab clients can take advantage of our mobile app development savvy to propel innovation adoption within their companies. We have Android and iOS software developers with solid comprehension and hands-on skills in face recognition, voice control, mCommerce, social networking, smart retail and beacon-enabled contextual marketing areas to put your mobility plans into action.


You can turn to R-Style Lab software developers’ experience with WooCommerce, Laravel, Drupal and other technologies to build high load digital experience solutions, secure eCommerce portals, SaaS software, scalable IoT infrastructure, data capturing and processing applications, and cloud service integration. The wide range of custom software development services is available.

Internet of Things Development: from Data Deluge
to Data-driven Decision Making

Partner with R-Style Lab to shape your novel concept into a high-performance IoT solution
and build a full-scale ecosystem around it!

Healthcare IoT

From BLE-enabled mobile apps facilitating sensor data management to low-level software for wearable trackers and multi-tier Digital Health systems with scalable back-ends, we harness the power of IoT technologies to help medical organizations improve patient outcomes and healthcare interoperability.

Retail IoT

Our retail IoT expertise encompasses a wide range of connected products, including RFID- and sensor-based location sensing solutions, smart warehouse management systems and next-generation delivery management software enabling brick-and-mortar businesses to achieve greater supply chain visibility, identify buyer behavior patterns and boost marketing efficiency.

Smart Home

We know how to override Home Automation technology limitations stemming from device diversity, poor interoperability and finite cognitive capacity. R-Style Lab has practical experience prototyping Smart Home gadgets and implementing image and voice recognition technologies to craft connected home systems.

Industrial IoT

With vast experience in enterprise application development and expert knowledge of advanced computer vision and Machine Learning tools, our IIoT team helps manufacturing, transportation and utilities companies automate workflows, uncover optimization opportunities and reduce equipment downtime with the aid of connected solutions.

Setting the Stage for Innovations –
Software Development Services for Far-sighted Startups & Established Businesses Alike

Multi-level solutions built with one team – R-style Lab is a custom software development company with its own R&D; unit and full-scale capacity to deliver innovation.

Prototyping, fast MVP development and assistance with pitch-deck creation – we lend a hand with getting investors’ support to startups who bet on releasing novel software solutions.

Why Choose Custom Software Developers at R-Style Lab?

  • Well-balanced in-house team

    with a deep understanding of the IoT ecosystem, diverse capabilities and over 250 successful projects under our belt
  • Workflow transparency

    achieved through milestone tracking, regular reports and adherence to project management best practices
  • Startup specials,
    including assistance with negotiating budget and deadlines with your investors and executive board
  • Vast R&D; expertise

    acquired through trial and error — and extensive R&D; facilities to streamline your innovative projects
  • Clear project vision
    based on continuous analysis and risks evaluation
  • Comprehensive consulting
    on the optimum pricing model, methodology and technology stack

Choose Software Development Company Wisely.
Choose R-Style Lab

At R-Style Lab – custom software development company – we make every effort to see into our client’s needs beyond technical implementation, understand what the main business drivers for each project are, and extend our service from mere software development services to full-on solution delivery. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable custom software development firm with a proven experience and happy clients, we’re the one you need! R-Style Lab is not just another service provider, we strive to become a long-term technology partner for our clients.

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