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How Our Software Development Expertise Can Help You?

Building on our exhaustive real-life experience with mobile, web and embedded systems and the ability of our software engineers to deliver top-grade custom software solutions on time and on budget, you can advance your business with robust interconnected systems built with one team that is able to handle complex approach to multi-level custom apps development.

R-Style Lab is a custom software development company that invests in R&D and exploits a well-established process for delivering breakthrough projects to innovative startups and companies betting on releasing novel software solutions. This includes prototyping services, fast MVP development (in just 2-3 weeks) and help with mockups and presentations for pitching to investors as part of our startup-special package.

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Why Choose R-Style Lab Software Developers?

  • Strong well-balanced in-house team, 12+ years in high-tech market, 120+ clients worldwide.
  • Innovation with best practices: our own R&D department, 30+ completed research projects.
  • Smooth workflow: transparent tracking, regular reports, proficient Project & Account managers.
  • Clear project vision with thorough analysis and risks evaluation
  • Help in negotiating budget and deadlines: with your Investors/Executive Board.
  • Consulting on the optimum pricing model, methodology, technology.
  • Reliable: offer dedicated account manager, 3 months warranty, flexible support plans.

Some Figures on How R-Style Lab Facilitated Its Clients Success

How We Work


With Agile approach (where we apply Scrumban) you get a working product after each 2-3 week iteration. Therefore, you have short time to market and feedback from users, and you're always ahead of the market trends. Besides you don’t need to invest all the money with monthly payments adjusted to your budget & timeline.


When requirements are clear and it’s a small project or business analysis has been done already there’s no need for Agile as its setup takes up time. With Fixed Price model + Waterfall methodology, you have fixed price and timeline, and less participation is required.

Choose Software Development Company Wisely. Choose R-Style Lab

Pavel Shylenok CTO at R-Style Lab
Natalia Osipchik Senior BizDev Manager at R-Style Lab
Anastasia Gubina Project Manager at R-Style Lab

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