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Our software development company was founded in 2006 in San Francisco, USA, as a system integrator and web developer. We went on to expand our global footprint and set up an R&D center in Eastern Europe to ensure cost-effectiveness and explore new talent pools. R-Style Lab helps hardware manufacturers, software vendors with limited in-house resources and non-technology companies create entire software ecosystems for their connected devices, reduce time to market by scaling up internal teams and transform business requirements into fully functional software solutions.

250+ Completed
100+ Customers
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R-Style Lab Full-scale Software Development Expertise

With cross-functional skills, a strong work ethic and the ability to deliver top-notch custom software solutions on time and on budget, our development team will help you fast-forward your Digital Transformation initiatives and bring innovative ideas to life.

  • We provide a vast array of services encompassing the development and customization of back-end systems for mobile apps and IoT solutions, enterprise-grade applications, admin dashboards, brand management and social networking websites. Our core web development technology stack includes PHP-based CMS solutions (Drupal, WordPress) and frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, Zend).

Custom Software Development Process Designed to Meet Your Needs down to a Tee

Project roadmap development
  • R-Style Lab team receives and processes your request within 12 hours. After we sign an NDA, you discuss your project with our Business Development Manager and Software Architect. We provide you with an estimate and a technical vision detailing the phases of the development process and recommend a suitable project management methodology (Agile or Waterfall) based on the requirements.
Software product development
  • We sign the contract. The scope of your project is broken down into iterations, with each phase designed to produce tangible results such as a detailed software requirements specification (SRS), prototypes or software features. You work with a PM and Account Manager, review deliverables and — in case you’ve chosen the Dedicated Team approach — manage your remote team directly.
Successful project delivery
  • Our expert team makes use of reliable QA tools to ensure software quality, provides comprehensive consulting services to maximize product success and helps startups with pitching. R-Style Lab offers an exclusive warranty on your solution which guarantees the system will work as described in the specification. Needless to say, all IP rights and the source code belong to you.

Top-notch Software Solutions Developed for Professionals by Professionals

Turnkey Office Space
Jonathan Bachrach Co-founder
“As a web-based company that has spent the last 5 years working with web developers, we can say that R-style has been the most proactive developers we’ve had. Their commitment to best practices and quality control plays a big factor in why we would recommend them for anyone looking to launch a new website or improve their existing site.”
Case study here
Mic Commerce & Consulting
Michael Ernst Owner
“R-Style Lab is the right partner for complex projects. From the first contact to the platform launch and afterwards, the team displayed excellent communication and project management skills and impeccable technical expertise.”
case study here
Okun Enterprises
Charles Washington Ex-founder
“The team completed the projected earlier than expected and provided project updates frequently. R-Style Lab was easy to work with, provided correct estimates, and contributed to an overall increase in the company's revenue.”
case study here

Featured Projects

250+ completed projects

R-Style Lab: the Ultimate Custom Software Development Services Provider

Full spectrum leadership
  • our team is composed of 120+ in-house developers, software architects, PMs, BAs, QA engineers and designers ready to transform your concept into high-performance code.
Business-driven approach
  • we will immerse ourselves in your project to unveil the challenges your company faces on the way to Digital Transformation and create a software solution tailored to meet your specific needs.
Dedicated expertise
  • R-Style Lab has been crafting IoT solutions — i.e., fully functioning hardware prototypes, embedded software, back-ends, admin dashboards and mobile apps for smart device management — since 2012.
Culture of innovation
  • we possess relevant expertise and extensive R&D facilities to test the feasibility of your innovative idea and shape it into a full-featured product.

The Route to Excellence Starts with Hiring the Right People

Pavel Shylenok CTO at R-Style Lab
Anastasia Gubina Project Manager at R-Style Lab
Natalia Osipchik Senior Account Manager at R-Style Lab

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