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With 12+ years on the IT market & over 200 successful projects up our sleeve, we craft software that streamlines businesses.

Pavel Shylenok CTO at R-Style Lab
Natalia Osipchik Senior BizDev Manager at R-Style Lab
Anastasia Gubina Project Manager at R-Style Lab

We Do

Software and middleware for IoT: Smart Homes, IoT in Healthcare, Industrial IoT, Wearables

Native mobile apps (iOS and Android)

Web solutions

Mobile Commerce & WooCommerce

How We Work

We follow both approaches since however popular Agile manifesto & derived methodologies are there are cases when they don't fit. For us to be truly Agile means being able to adjust to client needs.

  • Scrumban + time & material
  • Waterfall + fixed price
  • Scrumban: enjoy the best of Scrum while eliminating it's weak spots with Kanban.
What's in it for you
  • Saved time: with planning on demand there's extra work time.
  • Quality: with time saved we focus on quality control.
  • Waste minimization: we cut off anything not adding value with inter-process buffers & flow diagrams showcasing process weaknesses/opportunities.
  • Process improvement by adding some Scrum values when required.
  • Get an enhanced version of a working product with each 2-3 week iteration i.e. quicker time to market, up-to-date users feedback, better product.

You pay for hours spend on a certain phase of the project; changes along the way are done without additional contracts.

  • PM/NO PM + Account Manager
  • Phases + Iterations; Progress by phases
  • Weekly reports; Monthly invoices
Ready product

Product ready for the delivery stage

Fixed price

You have precise estimate for hours & budget fixed by the contract; tasks not defined in scope are done via change requests.

  • PM + Account Manager
  • Milestones by stages or functionality
  • Milestones reports; Demo when >50% of a project is done
  • Delivery date may vary if more tasks arrive
  • All IP Rights belong to the client incl. source code
  • Help with deployment
Ready product

We provide full QA; You pay final invoice; Project is successfully delivered

Fixed price

You have precise estimate for hours & budget fixed by the contract; tasks not defined in scope are done via change requests.

  • Delivery date is defined in the contract
  • We provide full QA; All IP Rights belong to the client incl. source code; Help with deployment; Time for client to do QA & prepare CRs if any

Why Work with R-Style Lab?

Well-balanced team
Mostly senior + middle developers. Average IT expertise of our team members is 10+ years: mix of young talent from international tech competitions & old-school engineers with 20 years in IT.
All in-house
All specialists (120+ developers,PMs, BAs, QAs, designers) are in our European dev center, so we never outsource anything to 3rd parties and guarantee product quality.
Risk-free approach
60-70% of all software projects fail due to lack of risk evaluation. We begin with it evaluating all risks (architecture & feasibility) & consult for free offering solutions to eliminate them.
Smooth & simple
Transparent project tracking, regular reports, access to our tracking system if required. Besides certified PMs, BAs you also get 1 whatever-what contact person to guide you through the project.
Startups special
We help with pitching, initial marketing; free basic mock-ups; fast MVP development (3-4 weeks); quick start: from analysis to signing-up a contract in 4-5 days.

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