R-Style Lab CTO Shares Insights for New Survey on IoT Technology

Pavel Shylenok, CTO at R-Style Lab, contributed expert insight to a recent report about consumer adoption of IoT technologies. The report was published by Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews firm based in Washington, D.C. R-Style Lab is currently ranked as the top IoT development company by Clutch.
The following article was written by our special guest Grayson Kemper, a Senior Content Developer and Marketer for Clutch.
The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the broad term that describes the growing network of ‘smart’ devices that can exchange data with each other and interface with users over the internet.
While IoT technology has uses in healthcare, industry, and mass transit, the primary way most people interact with it is through smart home devices, wearables, and digital assistants.
67% of users surveyed by Clutch own at least one connected home device Specifically, most people interact with IoT technology through smart home appliances: the survey found that 67% of people own a smart home appliance, such as a smart TV, Nest thermostat, or smart refrigerator.

Lack of Future Investment Plans Signals Consumers Not Experiencing Full Benefits of IoT

Clutch’s survey found that 53% of people who own an IoT device do not plan on investing in a new connected device within the next year. Only 14% of people planned on buying a new wearable, and only 9% on investing in a digital assistant.
This is surprising, given that people who own a connected device are the best-positioned to recognize the benefits of IoT.
As designers of both stand-alone products and entire IoT ecosystems, R-Style Lab knows that one of the biggest roadblocks to consumer adoption of IoT technology and smart home devices is compatibility between different connected devices. Shylenok explores this issue in Clutch’s report.
 “Entry threshold is kind of difficult for the average user. You can’t just buy a smart switch, install it, and start using it,” Shylenok said. “You need the gateway. Often, you’ll need to reconstruct your home. Some users just won’t want to deal with that.” – Pavel Shylenok, CTO, R-Style Lab
The process of reconstructing an entire home and re-configuring devices for connectivity are barriers to entry for consumers. Not only can individual devices be difficult to install, but the competing and non-compatible standards used by different companies makes integrating a new device into an existing network a much more intimidating task. The lack of interoperability standards is largely viewed as the biggest barrier to IoT adoption.
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Increased Adoption & IoT Connectivity Can Result in Cost Savings Benefits

One primary advantage of IoT technology is the possibilities for savvy users to save money, primarily through reducing their energy consumption.
In addition to smart thermostats that allow people to remotely control their home air temperature, other smart home appliances such as smart outlets can be programmed to shut off power to non-essential devices that otherwise waste electricity on standby mode.
Unfortunately, many consumers are unaware of the cost saving potential of IoT devices. Of those surveyed in Clutch’s report, only 11% consider saving money the primary benefit of IoT technology. The challenge smart home appliance owners experience integrating their devices stands in the way of users reaping the full benefit of IoT technology.
The lack of standards for connecting smart home appliances disrupts the cost-savings potential of using connected devices, according to Shylenok.
As IoT technology advances, it will be essential that manufactures, designers, and developers keep compatibility in mind to ensure use convenience is a priority.
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 Author Bio:
Grayson Kemper is a Senior Content Developer and Marketer for Clutch, the leading research and reviews platform for B2B marketing and IT services and solutions providers. He focuses on SEO and emerging technologies industries.
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