Choosing the Right Development Partner: Top 10 IoT Companies

Working on the software development market since 2006, we know how important it is for a client to find a trustworthy partner with strong technical expertise. In IoT the stakes are even higher, due to cutting-edge technologies and the way they are changing everyday’s landscape. We have made a list of top long-established and highly skilled Internet of Things companies, with niche-specific expertise and significant practical experience.

#1 Stanfy (now – part of Intellectsoft IoT Lab)

The lab works with all types of technologies for delivering high-quality end-to-end IoT solutions. Stanfy was a successful Silicon Valley start-up of the Ukrainian origin, which was acquired in 2017 by Intellectsoft, American company with Belarusian routes. This acquisition significantly enhanced Intellectsoft’s IoT department, leading to the establishment of the dedicated IoT Lab, based on Stanfy’s skilled team. The lab works with all types of technologies for delivering high-quality end-to-end IoT solutions. Its developers prototype and design hardware and software behind it, deliver mobile and web apps for the system’s control and management, and create Bluetooth-enabled wearables. The department sees its primary aim in establishing a long-lasting partnership with the industrial sector, focusing on IIoT and contributing to Industry 4.0 revolution.  

#2 R-Style Lab

Boasting more than 250 released projects under its belt and more than 10 years of tech expertise, the US-based company takes a special interest in creating connected products. Boasting more than 250 released projects under its belt and more than 10 years of tech expertise, the US-based company, with its development center in Belarus, takes a special interest in creating connected products. And it does it successfully: the company is ranked No.1 in the Clutch IoT Company Leaders Matrix. R-Style Lab’s portfolio includes projects delivered both for large-scale companies, like Samsung and Nissan, and innovative startups, with some of them possessing just a vague idea and seeking solid technical expertise. The team takes its particular pride in launching these daring new projects, where the tech specialists can fully leverage emerging technologies, like Computer Vision, Deep Learning, or Data Visualization Tools. That’s is one of key reasons why such projects as the multi-level CryoSpa solution and the BLE-enabled stationary bike app have come into life.
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#3 Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs is based in New York and focuses on IoT-associated mobile app development A renowned specialist in mobile app development, this New York-based agency has, nonetheless, a remarkable portfolio of delivered IoT projects. Adding their mobile app expertise to IoT ecosystem development, the company is included in list of top IoT companies on the IoT-focused mobile arena, where an application serves for controlling the whole system and making use of the data on the go. Blue Label Labs has a vast pool of senior and middle software development resources to deliver high-quality projects which benefit from cloud solutions, from AWS to Azure, and different database technologies, including MySQL and PostgreSQL. Besides mobile apps for IoT, the company’s experience encompasses the development of wearable applications based on Apple Watch and Android Wear.  

#4 Intersog

The Chicago-based Intersog works with IoT projects in the most challenging spheres. The Chicago-based Intersog is one of Internet of Things companies that works with IoT projects in the most challenging spheres: e-health apps, connected solutions for fleet management, aircraft security complex projects, to name just a few. They foster customer-oriented approach, aimed at building a solution to solve the need at hand and not simply delivering a product in compliance with the tech spec. To accomplish the goal, its tech team leverages all sorts of IoT-associated key tech stacks, working with different connectivity protocols, various databases, such as MySQL and Oracle, and programming languages, like Java and Objective-C.  

#5 Jasper

The only product company from the list, Jasper boasts its unique IoT-oriented platform. The only product company from our Top IoT companies list, Jasper has come a long way from a promising software development newcomer to a well-established company acquired by Cisco Group for enhancing and developing its IoT development direction. However, as was put by Jasper’s CEO Jahangir Mohammed, IoT is not about things but about services. Hence, embedding connectivity into ‘things’, any company can scale globally and provide a whole new array of services. And here comes Japser’s Control Center, an automated connectivity management platform which ensures a stable and smooth performance of connected devices.

#6 Softeq Development

The IoT company has achieved impressive success in creating connected devices on the front-end. Headquartered in Houston, the company has achieved impressive success with not just building an IoT full-scale ecosystem in the back-end, but also creating connected devices on the front-end. Smart collars for pets, sleek wearable health and fitness devices, sensor-equipped data loggers – these items have been successfully launched on the US market, accounting for the success of the company’s clients. The company offers full-cycle hardware development, from the product conceptualization, design and QA procedures to mass production supervising and support. Thanks to its well-established practices and impressive portfolio, this year the company has been featured in the ‘Best IoT Hardware – Consumer’ category of the 2018 IoT Innovator Awards.  

#7 Biz4Group

BizGroup is a US-based software development company with a number of IoT projects under its belt This IoT company works with well-established enterprises and startups from different verticals, including healthcare, transportation, finance and many more. Skilled at embedded software development, cloud platform integration, and implementing different connectivity protocols, the team doesn’t limit its scope to any particular area and works with projects of all sizes and industries, from industrial IoT to smart city projects. Apart from delivering outsourcing services around the globe, Biz4Group offers its own product, Biz4Intellia, an IoT platform ready to be integrated into a client’s project within four to six weeks. The end-to-end platform is capable of performing data ingestion, advanced data analytics and device management.  

#8 HQSoftware

Present on the software development market since 2001, today HQSoftware focuses mainly on IoT, VR & AR solutions. Present on the software development market since 2001, today HQSoftware focuses mainly on IoT, VR & AR solutions. The company offers full-cycle services, from a future project analysis and consulting to delivering an IoT solution and tailoring it to their client’s current business needs. In their activity, HQSoftware works both with a ready-made cloud platform, like AWS or Azure, for quick deployment of an IoT project, and with a custom IoT platform built from scratch. Such a diverse area of activity attracts clients from different industries, that is why HQSoftware’s portfolio boasts clients from different industries, be it healthcare, automotive industry, or smart home projects.  

#9 Waverley Software

The IoT company has expertise in full-cycle embedded software development, from defining product strategy to system development and integration. This Ukrainian company with offices in Vietnam and USA works with industries’ leaders such as Mozilla, Swisscom and American Express. It has become possible due to the team’s expertise in full-cycle embedded software development, from defining product strategy to system development and integration. Lately Waverley Software has got a grip on IoT fintech projects, including public and private blockchain network delivery, digital token creation and smart contract management platform building and implementation. Apart from building blockchain networks, the company has solid expertise in working with Bitfury’s integration-ready blockchain frameworks, which can be quickly set up and adapted to the client’s final needs, saving their time and effort needed for building a complex solution.  

#10 ISS Art

With more than 500 delivered projects, the company is well-known for a skilled use of the latest tech trends. This Russian company with an office in Illinois has long been on Top IoT Companies lists. With more than 500 delivered projects, including big data high-load analytics systems and Internet of Things end-to-end solutions, the company is well-known for a skilled use of the latest tech trends, including Augmented Reality and Computer Vision, especially for transforming factories into Industry 4.0 units. In their work they make focus on Java-based development and neural network deployment, using ML algorithms to train the network for object / facial / handwriting recognition.

Top 10 IoT Development Company for Your Future Connected Project

When making the list, we paid special attention to each company’s portfolio and the diversity of their IoT-associated projects, as well as the final product’s ratings from end users.
We hope that with this Top 10 IoT Companies list, it will be easier to find a reliable vendor, whose expertise will contribute to project development and deployment and streamline digital transformation initiatives.
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