How to Choose the Right Software Development Company?

The decision to subcontract IT services to a third-party is not easy to take.  To find a reliable software development partner is not easy either. The partnership is to be long-term and fruitful to deliver the necessary results. So, without haste and rush you must learn more about your future service provider. We’ve come up with some good points you’d better pay your attention to while choosing your future software development vendor.
1. Make sure the company you are going to turn to is known for its impeccable reputation. The company is recognized within the industry and praised for its commitment to adopted standards and customers’ requirements. Its projects are fulfilled on time. Developed applications perform as expected, while most customers are satisfied with what they get. The company is financially stable and shows no signs of going bankrupt within a year.
2. Learn whether the company’s team has had enough expertise in the industry you’re engaged into or if they have deployed a solution similar to yours. Some industry standards are special and you might not want to know what happens if they are neglected. A large-scale solution may require additional effort, services and time. If the software development company has delivered only relatively small applications, it can face a challenge with your project. It can become a challenge for you as well.
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3. Find out how the customer communication process is set; how relations with customers are managed. Is a customer fully involved into the development process, or just at the initial stage when the project requirements are compiled? What are the communication channels? Most software development companies have their development teams overseas and the communication sessions are set via Skype, WebEx, Lync or other web communication solutions.
4. Detail all the responsibilities of the parties: will the outsourcing software company deploy the solution or provide further maintenance? Is a training to your employees implied if you request a customized enterprise solution? Can additional features be added to the project afterwards and will the company charge for them?
5. Think over the financial costs which you are ready to bear. Ask about a preliminary project estimate and decide whether it fits your company’s budget. By the way, most software outsourcing companies with overseas departments charge less for their services. Clarify the timelines and deadlines for the project and focus on a reasonable time estimate. Find out whether your business processes will be seriously affected if the project deployment is delayed.
6. Be patient and stay calm. Having a software project outsourced to a third party might become quite a challenge for you and your company. However, if you take time and think over the above points before the actual development, the outcome will be a success. You will get the necessary solution and, who knows, you might want to implement even more ideas.
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