Apple TV: How to Promote Your Business with TV apps?

In mere weeks after its launch, Apple TV outnumbered competitors and grabbed a 31%-share of the streaming TV hardware market. This year, the gadget is predicted to ship over 24 million units. It might be too early to agree with Tim Cook who said the future of TV was apps. Yet, world-famous companies like CBS and TripAdvisor have already adopted the new customer acquisition strategy. Does your enterprise need an Apple TV app?

TV apps: benefits of technology in business

With only 3600 applications on the tvOS app store, Apple TV is still dominated by large content providers. Less influential brands tend to ignore the relatively small audience or spend too little on TV applications to provide great user (or viewer!) experience. That’s where they go wrong. With more customers on board, the tvOS app store will soon become a gold mine for third-party developers and other enterprises. It is way better to stake a claim to the market while there’s no competition. Apple TV How to Promote Your Business with TV Apps You don’t know how to use the new technology for business?

Here are some ideas to draw inspiration from:

  • Retail and e-commerce. Gilt, a US-based shopping website with over 6 million members, became one of the first businesses to build a tvOS app. According to Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso, the company chose to showcase designer clothes and accessories on Apple TV since 80% of its target audience prefer iOS gadgets. Using the “buy now” button which is attached to every catalogue item, Gilt lovers can shop for clothes while watching TV. Burberry has gone even further and launched an Apple TV channel to stream the 2016 fall menswear show. The company will also broadcast its previous collections, music films and makeup tutorials. Gilt and Burberry definitely know how to attract customers and increase brand awareness;
  • Tourism and hospitality. Before booking a holiday, a person visits over 30 websites. Professor Elizabeth Dunn from the University of British Columbia discovered that planning a trip can be even more fascinating than the actual voyage. It’s no wonder Airbnb transferred its 1.5 million lodging database to Apple TV! Now the app users (both individuals and families) can browse rentals on a big screen and choose best offerings. TripAdvisor followed the trend and offered a visually rich application which allows customers to browse photos of popular tourist destinations and landmarks. HotelsTonight, the last-minute booking provider, hasn’t announced plans to opt for the new marketing technology for business. However, the enterprise started a promotional video campaign on Apple TV to evaluate the chances of user acquisition. Companies like TripAdvisor and Airbnb develop Apple TV custom apps to enable multi-user experience;
  • Wellness and healthcare. While developers mostly focus on applications for smart fitness trackers, workouts on TV still attract large audience. Daily Burn 365 is the pioneer of the Apple TV fitness category. The software can be installed on any iOS 8 gadget. In order to stream the New York-broadcasted fitness program on Apple TV, users simply enable the AirPlay Mirroring function. Martijn van der Gun, an independent Apple TV development specialist who is currently trying to monetize several workout apps on the new platform, cites the absence of competition as the key reason why his applications generate hundreds of downloads every day. And yes, users obviously enjoy the big screen experience;
  • Gaming. Apple TV owners can play video games using Siri remotes and other iOS devices. Enhanced with high-quality graphics and touch-screen controls, the 4th generation TV games can eventually outnumber consoles. Among the best early offerings we should highlight Sing! Karaoke party app, the Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars application and the Geometry Wars 3 shooter. If you wonder how to reach out to new customers when paid tvOS games cost up to $ 100, there’s a list of freemiums to choose from. It proves that traditional app monetization strategies work on any screen;
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  • Media and entertainment. US media moguls have already laid eyes on the most popular app category. The iHeart Radio application offers access to podcasts and live stations. Vevo and Plex developed tvOS apps with improved UIs for easy multimedia content streaming. The Watchup application broadcasts news content from over 160 channels including Fox and CBS. And we’re not even talking about apps designed by Nat Geo, CNN and BBC. Download what you like and… just watch it! Apple TV offers alternatives, and that’s exactly what viewers love;
  • Finance. If you don’t know how to promote your consulting business, the new Fidelity app may give you a hint. Fidelity Investments, the second largest financial services company in the world, built an Apple TV app for customers to study current market stats while they’re engaged in other activities. The app’s extra features include the access to S&P 500 Index market quotes and Bloomberg news. Why not deliver important information in a convenient way?
  • Real estate. That’s right. The industry that annually generates $ 200 billion in revenues is no stranger to Apple TV. Potential home shoppers can now look for suitable accommodations via Zillow app. .According to Jeremy Wacksman, Zillow’s chief marketing officer, watching high-quality videos on a big screen will help people avoid home-hunting mistakes and get new home improvement ideas. For Zillow, the Apple TV app is pure brand extension – after all, their Android mobile application got over 10 million downloads.
Apple TV How to Promote Your Business with TV Apps

How to attract new customers with tvOS apps?

If you want to get rich with Apple TV apps and look for a custom application development company, we might disappoint you: the market is still immature to bring significant profit. Right now, increased brand visibility and user engagement are the key benefits of the new technology in business. With tvOS apps, you can market your product to both existing and potential buyers. You may choose the Burberry customer acquisition TV strategy and provide your audience with relevant content. You can also launch a proper online store like Gilt did. Or you can pull a Zillow and stand out from the competition. In any case, building a tvOS app is a wise business decision – as long as your target audience dwells on iOS and you manage to find a reliable vendor. If you monitor mobile and web technology trends, you surely remember there were only 500 apps on the App Store in 2008. Super Monkey Ball, the most popular paid app at the time, was getting less than 2 thousand downloads a day. In 2015, the number of iOS apps reached 1.5 million. The same thing can happen to Apple TV. And if your company is not there today, it might be difficult to enter the market tomorrow.
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