Black Friday 2014: Trends and Trendsetters

Black Friday is coming…Yes, this crazy-after-thanksgiving-wanna-buy-everything day is tomorrow. This is a perfect time to go mad starting a month of reckless spending. By the way, did you know that it is the busiest shopping day ever beating Cyber Monday not to mention everything else? So, consumers are preparing to buy, retailers – to sell. These are traditional amusements for that period of the year. However, not everybody follows that pattern. Did you know that: Black Friday 2014: Stats *Stats taken from here.

Apple: Stylish as Ever

Apple showed off one more time and combined Black Friday shopping with the World AIDS day promotion. Ardent shoppers buying Apple hardware will receive gift cards (from $25 to $100) that can be later spent at the U.S. iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store. This time Apple is a bit cheaper than it was last year when the gift amounts were higher. However, the company is going to donate a part of this Black Friday retail and online sales to fight AIDS. Very nice and very stylish of Apple but we have already got used to it. Taking into consideration how many people are eager to buy Apple products at a discount, the donation must be significant. However, best deals for Apple products are to be looked for at large retailers such as Target, BestBuy and others of the kind.

Google: Caring or Thirsty for Power?

Google has been very insightful lately and added a cool feature on its search service at mobile gadgets. According to Google representatives, a smartphone is now a reliable shopping assistant and the number of customers using Google Shopping has increased more than three times this year. The feature will help you survive the season and even get some trophies as the functionality provides detailed information about the items in stock at stores, reviews from lucky owners and a fuller view of a potential bargain. Not sure whether you will be able to put your hands on the desired item in the long run, but Google has provided all the conditions for that. At least, you have something to kill time with waiting in queues for Black Friday sales or enjoying a Cyber Week on your sofa. By the way: Black Friday: google stats *Stats taken from here.

Microsoft: Generous

Microsoft is determined to talk you into buying Surface Pro 3 at a discount of about $150 or at least Xbox One if you are pressed for money. The gadgets are most anticipated MS products this season. However, even a new rate for Surface Pro can seem a bit pricey amounting to $1,299.00 (256GB / Intel i5). What concerns Xbox, Black Friday deals seem to be the last attempt to boost consumers’ interest to the device which significantly yields to Sony PS4. The promised deals are awesome for the both consoles but Play Station 4 price is about $70 higher. Good luck to generous guys like Microsoft.
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Facebook: Earning Greens

Facebook is delivering retailers video ads and Macy’s has given it a try. Video ads are gaining popularity and the one launched at Facebook really covers large audience in a short time. It seems that these are first steps the company undertakes to build up muscles and compete with Google’s YouTube. It is yet unclear what will become of that. However, Facebook has a certain potential to become an efficient marketer and promoter, possessing huge audience and thousands of dirty little secrets and hidden desires of its users.

Twitter: Offering

Twitter has made another attempt to indulge into the e-commerce market and rolled out a new feature called Twitter Offers. A pop-up offer can be added to credit or debit cards and then redeemed in the retailer’s stores. Besides, Twitter has claimed to become an indispensable shopping tool as users share their best deals of the coming season on it. It’s no wonder the social media network has decided to follow the pattern of Facebook and try a bit of e-commerce.

Amazon: Playing on its own

Most retailers open earlier into Thanksgiving Day. Amazon decided to follow the pattern in its own way and announced sales and discounts a week prior to the holiday. Analysts believe the current season will be a lucky one for the company and the company shares have already gained. Let’s see whether this year it will outrun conventional retailers such as Wal-Mart or Target.

Retailers: Anticipating and Worrying

Every year retailers are looking forward to Black Friday as it is a precursor of future huge sales and profits. This year their happy expectations are a bit cloudy following numerous high-profile payment security breaches. Though an increasing number of customers prefer to stay home this year and turn to online shopping, it does not save the day. Cardholders’ information is leaking away and in the shopping hype even more consumers will carelessly follow fake promotional deals on social media sites and email fishing scams. Highly protected mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay which also secures payments using Touch ID or skin contact are not that wide-spread. Though the system has already become popular among Apple fans, it is not enough to improve the fraud statistics on Black Friday and the following Cyber Week. So, keep an eye on your bank statements daily and update your digital devices. Black Friday stats: retailers *Stats taken from here. However, not everybody is buying or selling this holiday season. Somebody is breaking up demonstrations, Wal-Mart workers are going on strike, Netflix is suing Yahoo CIO, Shopify Inc is anticipating the IPO. Life goes on and business as usual. Happy Thanksgiving!
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