Quick Guide into Project Management or How not to Fail

According to a recent study by IBM, 68% of all projects fail because of poor project management. Yes, a Project Manager is heart and soul of a project, no matter how cheesy it sounds. Thus, whether you’re looking for a project manager or choosing a software development company, you’d better understand what good project management is. Good news: we’ve gathered the most important info in one infographic to ease your pain. In an excessive number of cases, PM’s personal traits prove to be even more important than time management tools or a sound methodology. So, how do you make your mind at such a pivotal moment? Learn everything you need to start making successful project management decisions. Project Managment Guide You are all set and good to go! Do keep in mind that knowing the theoretical side of PM business, including effective project management skills and potential threats, is just half of the way. But if you manage to find a truly knowledgeable PM specialist, then the sky is the limit.
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