Wearable Tech Trends: Top App Ideas for Business & Everyday Life

With Apple Watch taking the lead in 2015, smart gadgets’ annual shipments are expected to hit 120 million within 4 years, and app sales will follow. 20% of Americans have already bought smart accessories for fitness, healthcare and fun. Not sure if your company needs an application for Apple Watch or Smart Glasses? It’s high time to study mobile strategies, revise app marketing tips and read our article on best wearable apps ideas for business and daily life.

Worldwide wearable device shipment forecast

Wearable applications for fitness and healthcare

The mobile and wearable app market offers software that can be viewed as a brand-new weapon against obesity, eating disorders and laziness. Here are the top 7 apps for fat-fighters and healthy lifestyle adepts:
  • Misfit. The software is available on the Pebble app store. You don’t have to connect your watch to other smart gadgets: the app works on its own, tracking steps and physical activities;
  • Run 5 K. A great app enabled with voice-guidance options. Using the soft, one can successfully build a running program. Crafted for Apple lovers;
  • My Diet Coach. The soft counts calories, offers meal plans and helps you sustain motivation. Can be installed onto Android smartphones;
  • PT in my pocket. Regular workouts for those who don’t have time to join a local fitness club. The training time is limited to 10-22 minutes. The program features an uptempo soundtrack;
  • Endomondo. Another Pebble contribution to our list. It allows users to measure distance, track exercise time and register heart rate. The Misfit team delivered an application that perfectly suits wearables’ functionality and customer needs;
  • Sleep as Android. Enabled with a “clever” alarm clock that monitors sleep cycle. The sensor data is presented in graphic form, so one can check snoring stats and sleep phases;
  • Green Kitchen. A variety of healthy (yet delicious!) recipes for Apple Watch users.
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Gym owners and sports coaches are bound to use wearable and mobile apps to stay ahead of the game and make their business thrive. About 13 million digital accessories for fitness will be integrated into corporate and private wellness programs in 2018; you surely want to ride a wave of high-tech popularity, don’t you? Healthcare institutions also utilize smart technologies, improving quality of life for patients with diabetes (the DexCom glucose monitor), heart pathologies (the Android-based Cardiograph) and other chronic diseases.

Wearable tech market: top 5 apps for business

Ok, wearables’ B2C appeal is obvious. What about business community? Entrepreneurs also value smart devices, because they meet the industry demand. A wristwear, for example, can be enhanced with time-management, security and standard office programs.

Let’s have a closer look at wearable business tech trends:

  • OfficeSuite 8 Pro. With the help of this program you can view, edit and craft docs in Powerpoint, Excel and Word. There’s also an option to convert files from/to PDF. Available on the Android Wear store;
  • Fast Scanner. The soft scans your documents before emailing or printing;
  • Invoice2Go. A marvelous cloud-based solution for Apple smart watch. Your clients owe you some money? Check payment status, create purchase orders and write invoices via your smart gadget;
  • Vehicle Log Book and Gurtam’s GPS Tag. The two Android apps track mileage and fuel consumption, providing accurate data for route planning. Essential for transportation and logistics companies;
  • TL:DR. You can download this app for free. Once connected to your Gmail account, the software browses messages in the form of a news feed for you to quickly look through emails and take immediate action if necessary.
Wearable and mobile tech market provides a wide range of soft for small businesses and large corporation. Still, your company might need a special program. We strongly recommend you to consult a reliable vendor with great expertise in application development. Pervasive computing is a relatively new IT domain. There are no tried-and-true mobile and wearable app marketing strategies to boost your sales – at least, not yet. Still, you can employ traditional marketing channels and craft personalized solutions, adding value to your customers. Conduct surveys, think big and consider smart gadgets’ functionality. Good luck!
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