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January 11, 2018
Written by Andrei Klubnikin, Senior Content Manager
So, you run a hotel chain and want to develop a mobile app to win tech-savvy travelers? Considering the fact that 60% of customers are more likely to choose a smartphone-enabled hotel over a traditional location, we have only one thing to say to you: go for it! How much does it cost to create a booking application and what features should a hotel app have to increase occupancy rate and justify software development expenses?
November 09, 2017
Written by Andrei Klubnikin, Senior Content Manager
In order to develop a referral program and keep it working, your marketing and sales teams should work really hard. Things get even more complicated as 18% of referrals are now initiated on mobile – and the number continues to grow. How to create a referral program and should you build it into your mobile app? Read on to find out!
November 04, 2017
Written by Andrei Klubnikin, Senior Content Manager
Whether you run a restaurant chain or provide meal delivery services only, building a food ordering app will give you a competitive advantage over rivals and help you improve customer experience and extend it beyond front doors. Discover what makes a great food ordering mobile app for restaurants and how much it will cost you to develop one.
October 05, 2017
Written by Andrei Klubnikin, Senior Content Manager
Thanks to the advances in all fields of Artificial Intelligence, mobile vendors are getting really good at facial recognition technology and can now build a high-quality Augmented Reality app that accurately detects face parts, handles complex facial transformations and enhances photos with Instagram-like filters. Here’s how R-Style Lab developers do it.
September 14, 2017
Written by Andrei Klubnikin, Senior Content Manager
In a world where acquiring new customers is at least 5 times more expensive than keeping existing ones, a 57% increase in customer loyalty program spending registered in 2017 doesn’t really come as a surprise. Consider building a rewards app, too? Here’s what successful mobile customer loyalty programs have in common.
August 24, 2017
Written by Andrei Klubnikin, Senior Content Manager
The world’s biggest dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have millions of loyal users and make up to $ 280 million in quarterly revenue. Dating app usage stats, however, prove that people are generally disappointed with online dating experience, do not treat dating apps seriously and expect app developers to take measures against registered sex offenders. Discover how to create a dating app that will actually resonate with users.

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