10 Reasons to Go in for Swift

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is one of the most important annual events, which is always full of wonders. This year has been no exception to the rule and Apple decided to surprise iOS developers and presented them with a new programming language  Swift. While some developers and experts are still evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the new language, we are sure that undertaking is worth the effort. Here are our reasons.
# 1: Swift represents a very refined update to the current C language family displaying the latest tendencies in language design. It combines the feature rich nature of C with the easiness of scripting languages. The syntax of Objective C is slightly altered to support modern approaches in programming. Swift adopts useful features from other languages and neglects useless parts of Objective C, which makes it easy to learn and use.
# 2: The process of creating new apps with the updated Swift is becoming easier. The code written in Swift is much more convenient to read. It is really easy for those developers who worked with other environments or tools, for example JavaScript. At the same time, those who got used to writing in Objective C will have no difficulties either. These languages can go side by side at the same app. Moreover, rich Objective C libraries and collections will be a huge advantage.
# 3: A range of new features prevent developers from making some common mistakes. Less crashes, more security and fewer brackets, parentheses and semicolons make iOS developer’s life easier. Programmer writes less code and spends less time on development and debugging.
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# 4: The hottest feature of the language is its Playground option. It is an easy way to see whether the app performs as it should and there is no need to launch the emulator any more. Such an approach saves developer’s time and effort while instigates an urge for experimentation and desire for a change.
# 5: Being struck by a success of iOS developers, many people have wanted to follow their path, but were afraid of possible difficulties. Now there is a real chance to do it, as they can start learning the new language simultaneously with the rest of Apple community.
# 6: Apple is not going to leave its followers without any supervision and provides lots of manuals and study materials for free. The company is determined to encourage programmers to stick to the new programming language, so webinars and teaching video sessions have already been scheduled.
# 7: Swift is a proprietary language. It is developed by Apple to stimulate iOS development. It won’t be cross-platform and apps written in Swift will stick to Apple platforms.
# 8: It can be difficult for a single vendor to promote a brand-new programming language, but Apple is on its top today. So, Swift is doomed to be a success.
# 9: iOS development has always been quite profitable. If the new language gains popularity Apple can easily focus on Swift as the prime language for its gadgets.
# 10: Most leading iOS development companies have already started their first Swift projects. R-Style Lab is among them. It is high time to climb on the bandwagon.
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