Tips on How to Choose iOS App Development Company

A mobile app is a must-have for any business, irrelevant of its scale, form of ownership or industry. If your business ignores mobile technologies you risk losing millions of potential customers. They will flock to your more techy competitors. At the same time your own employees will miss their personal gadgets to perform a range of routine business tasks. So, launching a mobile app is a reasonable decision an entrepreneur should take. The strategic move taken, it’s high time to think about tactics.

iOS development company

iOS App Development Ideas

Any idea has potential to become an application. However, not any app will be a success and turn a profit. That’s the key point to think about before you begin with another (or your first) iOS project. Thus, before looking for iOS application developers do the following:
  • Evaluate your idea for an app. Before beginning with the development you should analyze the market to see whether the idea has potential; define the target audience and its needs. There are development companies that offer such analytical services at a very professional level, e.g. here at R-Style Lab we do this.
  • If that’s any kind of a corporate application, decide on the app goals: an increase in employee productivity, rise in sales or anything else?
  • If that’s a B2C app, think over a monetization strategy, as some of the approaches for example in-app purchases do require adjustments in development. A clear understanding what you are going to get, helps to streamline the development process and save on tweaking and fine-tuning.
  • In case you are pressed for time, try a Minimum Viable Product concept. A very basic app with core features will be delivered to the market. With every next release it will add more features, improve functionality.
  • Choose a development methodology that will cover your specific needs. It will depend on the budget and timeline:
    • if you need to deliver the product to the market early or have very vague ideas on the app concept, it’s better to try agile. You will be able to tweak the product in the process and adjust it in line with the feedback of the target audience.
    • if you have a certain budget to rely on and a definite list of requirements, a good old waterfall approach is what you need.
So, looking for a company experienced in iPhone app development, make sure they have experts for all of your project needs and requirements.

Where to Find iOS Developers?

The answer to the question above mostly depends on what your app is going to be. Another question is whether you prefer an established company or an indie developer/freelancer.
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• Mobile Development Companies

If you are more interested in a mobile development company try the following:
  1. Google the service you need and choose the top five links to the company websites at the search result page. That’s the easiest one, though not the most reliable as companies spend quite a lot of money on digital marketing activities to be in this top in SERP.
  2. Turn to independent websites that rank and review software development companies including those engaged in mobile app development. For example, (used to be SourcingLine) provides several categories of global mobile developers depending on the platform used. You will get a detailed review and more or less independent ranking there (the condition of becoming part of the ranking is 3 testimonials from clients, after that there are 3 key criteria for ranking – portfolio, account and sponsorship). You can also visit,,, etc.
  3. Browse through App Store and try to find apps which are either similar to yours or include similar functionalities (preferably in the same industry sector). Then, try to find the developers. Though it might be tricky, as some vendors are bound by an NDA and do not have authorship rights for the developed apps.
  4. Listen to the word of mouth. Some of your business partners have already developed a mobile app or know someone who has. A personal opinion and experience can be reliable enough and a good way to find a competent mobile development company.
When prospects are chosen, devote some time to a more thorough analysis.
  • Review company’s portfolio, see if you like the quality of their prooducts UI/UX, whether their expertise match your needs. Try to find the apps from portfolio at the app stores and check their ratings. Pay close attention to experience and age of the chosen company. Some of them have been in the mobile development business since the very beginning. Others can turn to be startups with only several successfully delivered projects in their pocket. Obviously, proven track record is an important factor which may influence the quality of your future app.
  • Check available references at the company’s website. You can also try to contact particular clients asking them about their experience of working with the company.
  • Find out whether the company has expertise in your app or business vertical. It guarantees that a company has good understanding of the industry standards, requirements, app usage trends and the best practices.
  • Make sure the company has a range of related specialists on board, besides developers and testers, such as UX professionals and designers, business analysts, for example. In-house UX specialists and designers will contribute to the overall usability and attractiveness of your iPhone app.
  • Contact the company representative asking for a quote and a brief description of the development process. Quit, if it takes a company representative more than a couple of days just to contact you. A good communication process must be set from the very beginning.
  • Compare companies that you shortlisted and their offers, then take a grounded decision and choose the appropriate one.

• Independent Contractors

An application with a small number of simple features all of which are already well thought about, a design being ready as well, might need only a good coder. Such services as eLance and oDesk, Rentacoder or Freelancer can help. They are splendid if you seek for 1-man jobs that do not require mutual cooperation of several professional software engineers. Try to search for professionals with necessary skills, a substantial number of reviews and a 5 Star-feedback. Make sure their working schedule suits you as well as their rates. Review their portfolios and contact persons directly to get the idea what the working process will be like. Compare and take a grounded decision. Of course, it will take you time and effort to carry out the research described above and find a mobile development company or a freelancer that meet your requirements and suit your needs. However, it will definitely pay back at the very end with a quality iPhone application that streamlines your business or generates significant revenue among App Store users.
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