R-Style Lab Is Taking Part in Agile.by Mini-Conference

R-Style Lab is taking part in Agile.by mini-conference, which will held on October 25 in Minsk. The event is meant for both Agile professionals and Agile novices. Agile gurus will dwell on the specifics of Agile communication and Agile culture as well as the advantages of going Agile. The keynotes of the presentation are seminars delivered by Natalia Treninga and Kirill Klimov from ScrumGUIDES, a leader of Agile training at the CIS market. Other lecturers come from well-known IT companies including IBA, Wargaming.net and Deeplace.

Antonina Binetskaya, head of quality and process improvement department of our company, is going to dwell on Scrum in Waterfall. She will share her personal experience how to manage product development and optimize the development process to meet the company’s strategic plans.

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The coming event is the first meeting organized within the Agile framework, while a range of other events is to be expected in the coming future. R-Style Lab specialists are glad to become permanent participants and share their knowledge and experience with other Agile adherents.

Our company is an ardent Agile follower, having delivered a range of Agile projects of various scale and complexity across different domains. Multiple iterations and early delivery, adaptive planning and continuous improvement, enhanced communication and quick response to change encourage development of quality products and services which are a success at the market.

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