Java Web Application Development: Business Needs Met

A company that is going to launch any web-based application faces a challenge: what programming language to choose. Nowadays there is a long list of tools to deliver a business web application: .Net, PHP, C++, Ruby, Python and their derivatives. However, we believe that Java can be a good choice for development of business applications. Afterall Java has been around almost for two decades already and according to TIOBE index for 2014 it is extremely popular with developers. TIOBE index java

Security of Java-based Web Applications

Any web application needs security. However, corporate apps are even more demanding at this point: private data, financial information and other things of the kind. Java is a safe choice, ensuring data protection at local machines, its encryption transfer and inner verification of the code before its actual execution. Customers can rely on security of web apps created by experienced Java developers. security of programming languages

Platform Independence

Java is platform independent. It doesn’t matter what OS the user has (Windows, Android, iOS, Linux etc.). The app will be available at every browser that supports Java. So, you cut down development costs as Java developers deliver only one version of the app which is later translated into the machine code by Java Virtual Machine. Write once and distribute anywhere. With that in mind, you really get a universal business application.


Flexibility implies the ease with which the written code can be understood and changed. Java is flexible, what does it mean for you as a customer? If you need an upgrade or changes to your Java app in future, it will be easier for a new development team (or even the old one) to read the code and get how things are done. You will save on time to get into the code and resources to rewrite parts of it.

Portability to Cloud

Java-based web applications are easily ported to cloud. There is a range of available techniques and detailed manuals are abundant at the web. Any business would agree that having an app running somewhere in the cloud is great. It ensures simple maintenance, easy scalability and no additional effort and resources spent on its own infrastructure. Moreover, it is possible to build a java based cloud application from the very beginning. Thus, you go in line with the latest tech trends at a very reasonable cost.
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Integration of Java Web Applications

It is extremely easy to integrate 3rd party solutions into Java web apps. Usually enterprise apps include a range of additional services inbuilt into the basic app. A Java-built environment is what unites information islands of packaged software solutions such as SAP, ERP, Content Management systems and others of the kind. Of course, building a complex system needs time, effort and a great deal of developers’ competence and talent. However, at the end your app meets business routine needs, streamlines business processes and increases employees’ productivity.

Scalability of Web-apps

Apps can grow over time and that’s a very good sign of mature business development. As a business-owner you should be happy if your business grows. However, if your app was previously meant for 30 people, will it handle 10 times as many users? And more? Java apps are scalable. Some IT gurus agree that they are not the best scalable of all. However, the approaches used to create scalable apps using Java are well understood and do bring business value. So, your Java app will grow in line with your business needs.


Performance used to be an issue for Java programming language for quite a considerable amount of time till the introduction of just-in-time compilation and other optimization techniques. Nowadays, the overall performance of Java apps is passable. So, your Java applications will not lag irritating users immensely.

Popularity with Developers and Strong Community

To find Java developers is not very difficult. According to the available statistics, the number of Java developers is significant. So, you need less time to find an experienced team of professionals with a range of successfully delivered projects. Java was started by Sun, a business corporation with strict inner quality standards, not an open independent “committee” to manage the language. That ensured a cleaner code and a vast library of classes which still contribute to rapid development. The language is well-documented, while the community numerous. Even if your task includes some very specific issues, they will be solved and the solutions delivered. History of java
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