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Featured Projects

Technology Stack

Data visualization:
OpenGL, Core Plot, Core Graphics, SpriteKit, SceneKit
Image processing:
OpenCV, Cloud Vision API, Watson Visual Recognition
Programming Languages:
Swift, Java, Objective-C, Kotlin
Location & Navigation:
Google Maps, Core Location, iBeacons
Client Server Communication:, RestKit, AFNetworking
Apple Pay, Google Pay
ORMs & Databases:
Core Data, SQLite, ActiveAndroid
Mobile Games:
Unity 3D, Cocos2d, Unreal Engine
Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi
Social Login & Sharing:
SSO, OAuth, Social Networks Integration
Augmented Reality:
ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia

Our Mobile Domain Expertise

  • Mobile solutions designed to help retail & e-commerce companies reach their omnichannel goals: POS systems, self-service kiosks, mobile-based virtual assistants, UX and UI optimization for higher conversions, secure payment gateway integration.
  • AI-based mobile applications with pattern recognition, image overlay and face morphing functionality, real-time photo editing apps with custom filters, Augmented Reality apps.
  • Content-driven apps with on-point UI and UX which facilitate media distribution across multiple channels including smart TVs, connected watches and VR/AR headsets, video streaming and educational platforms.
  • Social mobile apps with complex functionality under the hood, including secure message exchange, conversational UIs, user data encryption, file sharing options, custom matching algorithms and integration with 3rd-party platforms.
  • Business-grade mobile solutions merged with back-office systems and web-based admin dashboards which automate order fulfilment, inventory replenishment and appointment scheduling and provide real-time business performance analytics.
  • Indoor positioning and location-based mobile applications supporting contextual marketing activities, secure NFC-enabled payments, highly effective inventory tracking with beacons and RFID tags, and real-time fleet management.
  • UX-focused custom mobile apps which employ proven engagement mechanisms, allow for easy content sharing to streamline viral growth, incorporate custom bonus point systems and support mobile payment and check-in functionality.
  • Mobile and wearable applications synced with medical and exercise equipment which enable continuous sensor data acquisition, processing and visualization; customizable mobile-based workout programs, salon management and branding solutions.

Why Choose R-Style Lab Mobile App Development Company?

Data protection & security
achieved through QA and the use of reliable open-source and 3rd-party software components.
Continuous assistance
which starts with thorough requirements analysis and ends with mobile app publishing and maintenance.
App Store & Google Play compliance
to avoid rejections, boost app visibility and help you score a hit.
Focus on frictionless UX
to help users meet their goals, keep them engaged and grow your app downloads.
Full-cycle mobile apps development services
delivered by a team of 120+ in-house software architects, developers, designers, Business Analysts and Project Managers.
Start-up specials
, including initial feasibility check, wireframing, fast MVP development and pitch deck design.

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