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Hardware Prototyping & Full-scale Software Development Services

Tap into our expertise to prove the efficacy of the science and technologies behind your concept, accelerate product development, reduce time to market and build electronics with mass consumer appeal!

Electronics Prototyping
  • The path to successful and cost-effective hardware development starts with testing your idea through PoC and building fully functioning prototypes using off-the-shelf SoCs and microcomputers. Our expert team helps customers choose prototyping tools and ready-made enclosure based on initial hardware requirements (type of solution, CPU, RAM, power consumption, connectivity) and create a detailed product roadmap. We also conduct a preliminary technical, market and Bill of Materials (BOM) analysis and provide you with ballpark hardware design and production estimates to increase your chances of getting funded.
Software for Gadget Implementation
  • Our software development and implementation expertise covers numerous MCU families, RTOSs, tools and packages. The R-Style Lab embedded systems development team creates low-level software enabling sensor data acquisition, processing and integration into IoT cloud, while ensuring signal integrity, reliable communication with OS and interfacing with other devices. Furthermore, we craft cloud storage solutions, admin dashboards and back-end systems with advanced analytics, reporting and data visualization capabilities and client mobile apps supporting smart device configuration and management.


Development boards:
ESP32, ESP8266, Nordic Semiconductor, Arduino Series, Raspberry PI, BeagleBoard
Embedded Linux, C/C++, Windows 10 IoT, FreeRTOS
Bluetooth, BLE, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, NFC, TCP/IP, MQTT
humidity, temperature, pressure, motion, medical, touchscreens, ADCs, sensor interfaces
HDD, MMC, Cloud
Cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure), on-premise LAMP instances
iOS, Android

R-Style Lab Hardware Prototyping & Software Development Expertise Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Smart Home
  • R-Style Lab has practical experience prototyping and developing software for innovative Smart Home solutions which incorporate advanced video analysis systems powered by the image recognition technology, audio recording solutions with chip- and algorithm-based noise filtering capabilities, voice assistants and central hubs enabling configuration-less Home Automation.
  • We craft embedded system software, advanced back-ends and top-notch mobile applications for multifunctional wearables including Healthcare IoT devices and AR and VR headsets. Our team has a profound understanding of wearable technology constraints, tools enabling efficient data exchange between sensors and back-end and wearable UI/UX design principles.
Location-aware Solutions
  • The R-Style Lab team creates low-level software, web systems and sleek mobile apps for location-aware solutions including beacons, RFID readers, optical scanners and GPS trackers. We also help clients prototype multi-level location sensing systems using reliable open-source hardware components, conduct testing and prepare a technical vision covering project timeline and deliverables.
Internet of Things
  • Our IoT prototyping team is on a mission to help customers become data-savvy and take advantage of cutting-edge automatic and remote control functions enabled through the Internet of Things technologies. Having worked with a wide range of connected products including exercise equipment, sensor-powered fleet management solutions, industrial controls, agriculture and smart parking systems, we know how to put IoT to work!

Featured Electronics Prototyping & Software Development Projects


Hunter Jensen, CEO
Barefoot Solutions, Inc.
"Having worked with a lot of USA and non US-based development teams, R-Style Lab software development company is hands down the best I've seen. They have a high level of professionalism, excellent communication skills, thorough quality assurance practices, and superb technical expertise. I have been very satisfied with the quality of the software products that they have delivered, and everything has been delivered on time, on budget, and to spec."
Bolatbek Ospanov, Founder, CBDO
Smart Satu
"The success of any startup depends on its solid team and their commitment. We’ve found the perfect level of commitment with R-Style Lab. Besides stellar technical expertise, they have this striking passion for technology which enables them to think outside the box. R-Style Lab has developed a comprehensive business platform for us to facilitate cooperation between suppliers and their clients. This project has won startups competition in Kazakhstan which was organized by a Swiss company Seedstars World and will compete for a 1 mln dollar prize in the World Competition. The system is already popular not only in Kazakhstan, but in Kirgizstan and Bulgaria as well."  
Marc Zirka, CEO
Telcovision Group
"Working with R-Style is a pure example of software development outsourcing. It was a great pleasure working with a competent and flexible team, where the focus is on the quality and the timeliness of the deliverables. R-Style developed for us the backend for FROGO our new Dating Mobile Application where the outcome was more than satisfactory. Moreover, R-Style team and leadership were providing us at all times their support and were available to answer any questions we had. Working with them gave us a great level of comfort and trust"  
Sergey Kiruschin, Head of IT department
“Work of R-Style Lab's specialists is a classic example of successful IT-outsourcing. We’ve been fully satisfied with the professional level of the work done.”  
Anton Karzhavin, Project Manager
Rive Gauche, perfume and cosmetics chain
“R-Style Lab solution allowed us to improve the quality of communication in the company. After the project completion, we have managed to reduce the costs for long-distance communication by 10%. I’d like to thank R-Style Lab team for the professional and flexible approach to the project implementation”  
Mark Valentini, CIO of “Red Square” Ltd.
Eurovision, Song Contest 2009 in Moscow
“The project on the deployment of “Eurovision-2009” IT-infrastructure has been undoubtedly large-scale and labour-intensive. Its realization demanded for engaging a huge part of the company’s resources in a very limited time. Moreover, the project required for maximum focus as well as consolidation of all the company’s potentials. R-Style Lab specialists have fulfilled the task assigned to the full extent of their power. All the works were completed on a very high professional level.”  
Alexander Arikainen, Administrative Director
“Reorganization of the company’s IT-infrastructure has allowed for improving customer service, optimizing employees’ work and structuring data processing. In the result of the project implementation, we’ve got a single point of managing access rights, servers, users, printing, applications, e-mails and other resources at all the Dentsu-Smart subsidiaries. Besides, R-Style Lab specialists have developed a fault-tolerant and easy-scalable system.”  
Andrey Golovchanov, Project Manager at Uhrenholt
“The implemented project allowed for improving the security level of the information system, made it more reliable and failsafe, increased its flexibility and scalability as well as reduced costs for administration. According to our estimates, the R-Style Lab's delivered project let us lower the operational costs by almost 2 times.”  

Sail through Hardware Prototyping & Development Process with R-Style Lab!

We possess the required expertise and extensive R&D practice to convert product requirements into fully fledged prototypes and high-performance code and provide comprehensive consulting services to hardware enthusiasts. Contact us to discuss your project in detail!

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