Industries Served

  • We can do anything from mHealth apps to complex solutions featuring IoT/web. 26+ projects successfully delivered.
Fitness & lifestyle
  • Apps, websites, IoT solutions - we’ve done it all for startups, fitness centers, exercise equipment manufacturers & more.
  • Neat catalogue apps, social ecom web & mobile, woocommerce, referral & bonus programs, etc. - we can help with all this.
  • Skyrocket your business with web & mobile: booking, social solutions, general info apps, referral systems, loyalty programs & more.
  • Our vast expertise in web & mobile dev for this domain helps us transfer tech advantage in your business values.
  • Nice & simple: social apps/sites, CRM, catalogues, booking, etc. High-level tech: image & sound processing, face morphing, VR, AR.
Beauty & wellness
  • We know this domain inside-out: mobile, web, IoT (booking, social solutions, promo apps/sites, catalogues, CRM, face morphing, etc.)
  • Complex failure-resistant solutions with scalable architecture (mobile, web & IoT) - we've successfully delivered 20+ of them.
  • Robotics, drones, Internet of Things - it's all here to stay & change our lives. We know how to help your business embrace such technologies.

How Our Expertise Can Help You?


We've developed what you need or smth similar to it before & our best practies help to cut the dev time without compromising on quality


We know the perculiarities of the industry & how to transfer tech advantages into your business profit

You can find a variety of projects in our portfolio

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