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From Sensor Signals to Health-related Data,
From Health-related Data to Advanced Diagnosis Insights

Wearable & Biotelemetry Devices Connectivity
  • R-Style Lab is well-familiar with the key communication technologies that are currently in use by smart devices. We will opt for the most balanced scenario – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RF, etc. – to enable world-class connectivity for your IoT medical device. Having thoroughly evaluated power consumption, signal strength, coverage and data throughput, our team will find and implement optimal device-to-stationary-equipment and device-to-mobile-app data flow, ensuring a continuous clear signal delivery.
Custom Software Tools for Health-related Data Analysis
  • Smart healthcare devices measure multiple vital parameters that need to be processed, integrated with other patient health-related data and analyzed to become data-backed medical insights and actionable advice. R-Style Lab will put to work its extensive web development expertise and data collection, processing, and transformation skills to turn incredible volumes of sensor readings, EHR data, and other medical information into timely diagnosed disorders, trackable individual's medical history, and cause-consequence analysis based on identical medical cases.
Emergency Situation Detection & Intelligent Notifications
  • R-Style Lab has experienced mobile specialists and back-end engineers to unify multiple endpoint devices with wearables and senior care IoT products into a single care management solution. Entrust us with creating an application that analyzes sensor readings, detects vital emergencies like elderly person’s fall and provides immediate response to critical values of health parameters with smart alerts. R-Style Lab will develop a system that issues notifications in situations that require clinician’s intervention or emergency response from caregivers.
Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning
  • With data science and engineering skills on board, R-Style Lab strives to facilitate preventive care. Medical labs, clinicians and patients who self-monitor their health with wearable trackers get large volumes of a variety of medical data and sensor readings. Our team will apply machine learning models to help healthcare companies get insights into any deviations and anomalies. For early diagnostics R-Style Lab team will develop ML-based systems that detect patterns and uncover irregularities in aggregated de-identified PHI stats from dispersed clinical systems.
Real-time Visualization of Vital Health Indicators
  • Front-end experts, mobile developers and UX team at R-Style Lab will put their effort to make sure medical and health-related data is visualized in an easy-to-grasp way. We’ll develop user-facing applications for mobile devices, real-time monitoring web dashboards where disparatevital health indicators are summarized and presented for clinical use, and interfaces for custom monitoring panels and stationary bedside hospital equipment that captures vitals and displays real-time health status. Tap into R-Style Lab hands-on skills to provide clinical staff and patients with a user-friendly app at the front end!
Medical Image Processing for On-time Diagnostics
  • Medical imaging makes essential part of accurate health diagnostics. R-Style Lab team has a way with image recognition algorithms and image processing principles to make medical imaging essential part of your connected healthcare system.We’ll implement digital imaging solutions that will enable quick acquisition, analysis and processing of diagnostics information – from MRIs and X-rays to CT scans and other visual health data, as well as its transfer to the cloud or mobile devices and secure exchange of these images within a highly integrated hospital environment.

Featured Projects

Our Services for Internet of Medical Things Field

R-Style Lab team brings together its experience in the connected tech field and practical knowledge gained from previous successfully implemented healthcare projects to streamline remote monitoring, optimize in-hospital workflows, capture health-related data from connected medical devices and sensors, and promote improved patient outcomes. We address the tech needs of IoT healthcare companies by providing these services:

Back-end Web Systems Development
  • integration with hospital databases and EHR systems; ingesting sensor data and medical readings from multiple devices, sending the information to the cloud, processing and then feeding it to end-user Internet of Things apps; implementing business logic for care management server-side software.
Apps for Mobile & Custom Hospital Equipment
  • creating mobile apps and friendly user interfaces for non-standard device form-factors, enabling ongoing data collection and real-time data visualization to ensure the information is accessible to device owners and requires no further effort to be read and understood by non-tech users.
UX & Front-end Application Development
  • designing and implementing web dashboards, medical BI and reporting tools; following best practices in data visualization to create front-end applications that gather stats, provide clear view of patient’s health in handy charts and diagrams, and allow clinicians to see health issue dynamics and optimize treatment.
System-level Programming
  • taking advantage of our thorough comprehension of device-to-app data flows, as well as application- and system-level competence to program low-level modules for the Internet of Things medical devices and wearable trackers, thus, introducing lab automation and patient self-testing.

Sensible Approach to Sensitive Data Management & Patient Safety

Personal health record protection is a matter of patient's safety. Fault-free IoT medical devices and systems operation, as well as certified safe electronic components are issues of utmost priority on healthcare companies' agenda. To address all of the above issues, prevent hackers from getting hold of your device control and make sure nothing affects your solution performance and information accuracy, R-Style Lab will design IoT healthcare devices and systems, taking care of the following:

Compliance & Standards
  • FDA
  • GMP
  • HL7
  • Encryption
  • Authorization
  • Device identity management
  • Authentication
  • Transport layer security
  • No sensitive data interception
  • No electromagnetic interference
  • Secure app-device connection
  • Untampered solution integrity

Vital Signs Sensors Employed to Serve Continuous Health Monitoring

  • Human body temperature
  • Pulse/heart rate
  • Respiration rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Blood glucose

Quality that Promotes Healing & Preventive Treatment

Ultra-high Reliability
  • Create smart healthcare solutions that demonstrate fault-free performance in mission-critical situations and become a stronghold for building up healthy living
Near Real-time Immediacy
  • Bring down data flow delays almost to zero to guarantee low-latency and on-time response in emergency situations for geriatrics and remote care
Security & Compliance
  • Secure that patient safety is not undermined by compromised health-related data and solutions are built in adherence to rigorous healthcare regulations
Medical Data Accuracy
  • Get a nuanced medical picture with precise sensor readings and properly consolidated patient records, correctly processed images and lab tests information

Develop Highly Reliable, Accurate & Secure Connected Medical Applications with R-Style Lab

R-Style Lab complements its in-depth insight of problems solved by digital healthcare solutions and all the intricacies of health-related processes with its strong tech skills in the IoT field to drive medical IoT projects. If you are striving to tackle inefficiencies of care management or improve wellbeing monitoring for your healthcare business, send us a note and R-Style Lab team will see into how it can contribute to a successful delivery of your project!

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