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Automating Industrial Workflows.
Preventing Machinery Downtime. Uncovering Operation Optimization Opportunities.

Machine Vision & Intelligent Video Analysis
  • Well-grounded in image acquisition, image processing, video enhancement technologies and automation, R-Style Lab delivers industrial automation software that allows companies harness the power of self-guided devices to perform risk-free inspections in hazardous environment, enable remote control of production facilities and double surveillance power with advanced video content analysis.
Data Warehousing in Cloud
  • Most of machine and enterprise data has to be aggregated and processed at one place before it brings real value. R-Style Lab will utilize its ETL and back-end development skills to push sensor signals and operational data into public clouds or enterprise back ends. We’ll integrate data from multiple enterprise sources to support transition from machinery level to application level – BI tools and analytics.
Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning
  • To help timely surface any production process bottlenecks, identify critical equipment operation parameters and attend to them head-on long before failures can happen, R-Style Lab will create machine-learning models that will be trained on large volumes of machine-generated data. Our team will develop solutions that discover patterns, model future trends, and trigger smart alerts.
Proactive Maintenance, Preventive Analytics
  • With data specialists on the team, R-Style Lab promotes industrial companies’ plans to pass from reactive to proactive maintenance, from insights into historical data to preventive analytics. Once multi-dimensional data from a distributed enterprise infrastructure, sensors, and connected equipment has been collected, a business needs to turn it into insights and act on them. We’ll build analytics solutions that provide such proactive insights.
Edge Computing & Intelligence
  • If you aim to avoid prohibitive costs caused by excessive volumes of data pushed to a cloud and act on sensor signals at low latency rates, R-Style Lab is a good fit to reach your optimization goals. Our software developers will implement industrial IoT applications to process and analyze data closer to the edge of the network – at or near the operated equipment – and enable real-time actuation of deterministic closed-loop systems based on such data.
Augmented Reality
  • Simplify complex industrial configuration, diagnostics or maintenance processes when in the field or on the plant floor by employing R-Style Lab experience in 3D visualization technologies and skills in augmented reality project implementation. We’ll create tools that generate 3D real-world overlays and software for augmented reality accessories that unties operators’ hands for more critical manipulations, while providing guidance.

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Our Services for Enterprises & Industrial IoT Companies

R-Style Lab team is equally competent in data, system-level and end-user software engineering to drive our clients’ plans to pass from industrial operation to industrial automation. Our complete service offering extends to these areas:

System Design & Integration
  • making well-evaluated architecture and infrastructure choices to plan for a long solution lifecycle, ensure backward compatibility with legacy software and interoperability with the entire client’s enterprise ecosystem at the backdrop – microservices, event-driven architecture, APIs to access machine and enterprise data.
Web Reporting, BI Tools & Interfaces
  • gathering data from edge devices, sensors, connected objects and equipment, enabling efficient processing of Internet of Things data in the edge-cloud continuum, implementing end-user web reporting and BI tools to provide in-depth insights on machinery operational statuses, maintenance issues, and increased productivity opportunities.
IIoT Solution Prototyping
  • helping customers start with a small upfront investment and check feasibility of a solution with a small part of functionality. Implementing this use case, testing it and then creating a roadmap to expand further and apply operational changes at a larger scale, thus giving a company an opportunity to limit insensible budgetary spending.
Motor Controllers & PLC Programming
  • connecting sensors and actuators via I/O communication interfaces – serial or parallel – to PLCs and motor controllers, programming them to perform industrial control functions, enabling alert messaging between operational technologies and an enterprise industrial ecosystem via OPC UA, Modbus, MQTT and other protocols.

Why R-Style Lab?

  • Strong roots in embedded technologies & data engineering
  • Cross-functional development expertiseweb, mobile, embedded
  • Secure delivery environment – following established processes to guarantee quality, integrity and continuous delivery of industrial IoT solutions
  • System architecture mindset – designing industrial Internet of Things systems with scalability and interoperability in mind
  • Unique needs – Tailored solutions – building industrial IoT applications that address specific needs of our clients’ business
  • Data visualization skills – helping our clients make sense of their data by creating visual decision support tools

Let the Machines Do What They are Best at – On the Floor or In the Field

Internet of Things industrial applications open up vast opportunities for companies to expand resource optimization, productivity improvement, safety reinforcement processes from a well-optimized office environment to a more traditional and less prone to change production floor and field operation. R-Style Lab has strong background in the IoT and workflow automation fields to bring to fruition our clients’ ideas for:

Drone-based Inspections
  • motor control to perform UAV inspections without human guidance and to position a camera for efficient data collection, applications for touch control panels to control drone devices from the ground and visualize real-time data.
Smart Asset Management
  • sensor, RFID and NFC tags, iBeacons, Wi-Fi and other technologies for better tracked assets, elimination of inefficiencies caused by resource shortage and error-prone outdated inventory management processes – increased visibility, easy localization and timely restocking of supplies.
Robust Video Surveillance
  • object recognition, motion detection, video content analysis and perimeter security to enhance asset safety and monitor warehouse premises, production facilities and other enterprise property.
Sensor-enabled Industrial Control
  • legacy equipment and machinery upgraded by linking sensors and actuators that allow companies to enhance productivity and increase an operation life cycle and durability of production assets.

Scalable. Secure. Efficient – Custom Industrial IoT Solutions Get in Touch with Our IIoT Team!

Whether you are eyeing how to increase the value of existing production facilities and capital assets or have an idea to get a productivity boost with a custom brand-new solution that meets the needs of your particular business, get in touch with R-Style Lab to explore where and how we can assist with your project implementation!

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