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Building Smart Home Solutions That Will Bring Pure Joy to Modern Households

Facial Recognition & Image Processing
  • Advanced home security systems, smart locks, doorbells and even home appliances harness computer vision to empower home owners with the opportunity to monitor and control their property from everywhere. Having successfully completed a number of digital imaging solutions, R-Style Lab will deliver smart visual systems that send out image-based security alerts, employ facial user authentication, and rely on video analysis for ultimate smart home experience.
Voice Control Enablement
  • Rely on the most intuitive interface of all – which is a natural language – to streamline your connected home system operation. With a good grasp of speech recognition and natural language processing domains, R-Style Lab will help make your solution responsive to voice commands. We’ll integrate your smart home software with any of the voice assistants available on the market from Alexa to Google Assistant, Cortana or Siri and tune their performance.
smart home automation with machine learning
  • Neural networks trained to respond to behavior patterns – that’s when true automation comes into play. We’ll use our experience in machine learning to enable AI-based operation of your smart home systems. R-Style Lab will train algorithms for high-accuracy on a huge amount of IoT data generated by devices and sensors. Your smart home automation solutions will then apply rules and event-triggers, and adjust the settings accordingly as algorithms learn user behavior.
Programming Controllers, Switches & Smart Hubs
  • Whether it's a line of consumer electronics products that you plan to turn into smart home solutions or you want to keep your customers’ loyalty by making your electronics compatible with smart devices of a different make, or simply your market is product compatibility platforms – R-Style Lab has system-level programming proficiency to forward your projects. We’ll develop integration layers, device drivers and embedded software to add support for your solutions in the smart ecosystem and enable product interoperability
Mobile Apps for Home Device Control & Configuration
  • Performance personalization and customized experience are the key priorities for smart home users. We have strong mobile team that will build end-user apps giving home owners the possibility to monitor, control and access the set-up of their smart gadgets via a familiar mobile UI. R-Style Lab will also develop mobile software that will host all home functionality under one unified interface and allow users to manage their entire park of smart devices within a single app.
Remote Configuration, Custom Installers & OTA Firmware
  • High user demands for configuration-less experiences require that smart home devices run in “Plug-&-Play” mode. R-Style Lab specialists will help hardware start-ups and smart home device manufacturers create solutions that will take away the burden of “set-up and configuration hell “ from non-technical home owners and allow support technicians to perform maintenance and smart home programming remotely. Rely on our expertise to create products that cater for non-technical users.

Featured Projects

Our Services for Smart Home Companies

R-Style Lab is a team with versatile tech expertise that includes mobile, front-end and server-side web, as well as embedded software engineering skills. We’ll take your connected home idea from a ground-floor opportunity and turn it into a winning product. Our smart home development services cover:

Home Automation Back Ends
  • Programming business logic for home system automation – rules, events, commands
Data & Device Integration
  • Consolidating different devices and data via drivers, protocols, cloud into unified smart systems
Sensor Data Processing
  • Capturing, transferring and visualizing data from motion, temperature and other sensors
Mobile Smart Home Applications
  • Pairing mobile phones with electronics via control interfaces, enabling device orchestration

Fully Fledged Solutions for Smart Living

Leverage R-Style Lab skills to stand out on the smart home market with products that offer best-in-class user experience. We’ll pack your smart home system complexity into impeccable usability and intuitive operation, and deliver truly smart solutions for IoT home automation by developing custom software to bridge controllers, switches, sensors, and data. We are ready to lend your company our assistance with these smart technology projects:

Security & Personal Safety
From surveillance cameras, smart locks and doorbells to smoke or gas leak detectors issuing real-time status updates or emergency alerts.
Home Entertainment
Connecting TVs, speakers, music streaming devices, AV and SAT receivers, projectors, and video game consoles into full-blown stellar home entertainment systems.
Ambient Conditions & Climate Control
Enabling smart energy control, environment-aware and behavior-driven operation of LED lights, blinds and shutters, thermostats, and metering devices.
Domestic Appliances
Turning home electronics into responsive remotely controlled smart assistants that require less user involvement – from coffee machines to refrigerators and dish washers.

Connected Home Tech Stack

Z-Wave, Zigbee, WiFi, BLE, Bluetooth, Serial, USB, MQTT, Modbus, AMPQ, XMPP, X10
Voice Technology:
Cortana, Alexa Voice Service, Google Assistant, Siri, IBM Speech to Text
AI & ML Platforms:
IBM Watson, Amazon ML, Azure ML, ML Kit
Apple HomeKit, IoT.js
3rd Party APIs & Interfaces:
Nest, Philips Hue, Google Home, Hive, Milight, ecobee, WeMo
Image Processing:
OpenCV, Google Cloud Vision, OpenGL, OpenCL, CUDA
IoT, Home Automation & Cloud Platforms:
Google Cloud, AWS IoT, Azure IoT Hub, OpenHAB, Android Things, Home Assistant, DeviceHive
RaspberryPi, SBCs, ESP32, TI CC2650STK boards, other off-the-shelf components
Programming languages:
C/C++, Lua, Python, JavaScript
Sensor Technology:
Analog, ADC, I2C, 1-Wire, RF433, WiFi, BLE, etc.

Custom Smart Home Software That Delivers on the Promise

  • keeping your Hue lights in sync with Nest thermostat
Ease of Configuration
  • ruling out any headache with the device set-up process
  • warding off any network hijacks and other vulnerabilities
Automated Workflows
  • making your solutions truly intelligent by anticipating system operation
Operation Simplicity
  • empowering users with controls that take a few simple taps on a screen
Personalized Experience
  • giving users the joy of set-to-measure experience

Put Your Smart Home Automation Solution on Track!

Do not hesitate to reach out to our smart home experts to discuss the details of your project. We’ll see into your requirements and chart an optimal implementation roadmap for your product development to tap into the market potential with the right timing, functionality and end-user expectations.

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