Point-of-care Technology: the Cornerstone of Healthcare Transformation

Smart point-of-care (POC) solutions — i.e., sensor-enabled in vitro diagnostic devices, electrode-based gadgets and medical imaging systems — are considered the major enablers of the Digital Transformation in healthcare. The implementation of a point-of-care system within or outside traditional healthcare settings holds promise for cardiology, ophthalmology and oncology specialists looking to reduce hospital admission rates and provide holistic care.

Information Interoperability
  • improved documentation, usage and sharing of patient information, which lead to major productivity gains and reduced wait times
Cost-quality Balance
  • healthcare cost optimization through the increased access to and use of IoT-based diagnostic and monitoring tools
Proactive Healthcare
  • immediate management of health conditions in facilities with limited laboratory infrastructure
Increased patient engagement
  • empowering patients to self-test and self-manage health conditions in private settings with the aid of smart devices and point care home health software

Enabling Next-generation Healthcare with Point-of-care Technology

Blood testing
  • Glucose & blood gas meters
  • Prothrombin time testing devices
Cardiac Monitoring
  • EKG monitors
  • EMG monitoring devices
  • Troponin T analyzers
Medical Imaging
  • CT/OCT scanners
  • MRI scanners
  • X-ray units

Leverage Point-of-care Solutions for Operational Efficiency & Better Patient Outcomes

R-Style Lab is a cross-department team of web and mobile developers well-grounded in smart healthcare solutions. We will help your healthcare organization or Digital Health startup create a comprehensive software infrastructure — firmware, back-end and mobile applications — for a custom point-of-care system. Here’s what we can do to give your innovative product a winning edge:

  • Aggregate data coming from multiple points.
  • Enable robust data analytics capabilities — both in the cloud and closer to the edge of the network.
  • Enhance device-to-device & device-to-application communication on the API and connectivity level (NFC, RFID, BLE).
  • Facilitate well-informed decision making with the help of top-notch image processing and data visualization tools.
  • Guarantee healthcare data safety & compliance — HIPAA, FDA, GMP, DICOM, HL7, ISO 13485:2016.
  • Ensure reliable medical test results at the point of care.
  • Maximize POC value through the integration with EHR software.