Leveraging PHM Solutions to Unlock the Promise of Value-based Care

The concept of technology-assisted population health management (PHM) lies in the aggregation and processing of patient data — i.e., electronic medical and health records, laboratory and billing information. The primary goal of implementing PHM software solutions is to improve health outcomes of a patient population affected by a certain disease through identifying and monitoring individuals within that group. The major benefits of adopting population health management software include:

Proactive Healthcare Delivery
  • identify patient subpopulations, stratify patients according to risk and health condition, manage resources — facilities, funds, materials and staff — more effectively
Improved Patient Outcomes
  • monitor patients between visits, craft better-targeted outreach campaigns, promote healthy behaviors
Elimination of Healthcare Gaps
  • improve data collection across the healthcare delivery system to close the evidence, measurement, infrastructure and social gaps
Increased Cost Efficiency
  • harness population-level analytics to discover improvement opportunities, focus on patients who require immediate intervention to avoid costly treatment and hospital admissions

PHM Solutions Functionality Supporting Insight-driven Healthcare Delivery

Population health management solutions use back-end business intelligence (BI) tools to retrieve financial, clinical and operational data from the disparate PHM healthcare technology systems utilized by companies involved in care delivery and provide a complete overview of a patient’s medical history. The requisite features of population health management software are as follows:

  • Data sourcing capabilities essential to extract medical data from diverse medical systems (EMR and EHR, telehealth, patient portals, wearables)
  • Data normalization intended to overcome terminology barriers, eliminate duplicates and prepare information for further analysis
  • Data processing & reporting capacity supporting the transformation of medical data into actionable insights
  • Reinforced security features — data encryption, user authentication, compliance with medical software regulations (HIPAA, ISO 13485:2016, DICOM, HL7, etc.)

R-Style Lab is the Right Vendor to Help You Meet the Aspirations of Preventive Healthcare

Successful population health solutions’ implementation requires a solid patient engagement strategy supported by fault-free technology solutions. What makes R-Style Lab the right vendor to entrust your Digital Transformation project to?

  • We think outside the EHR-EMR box to enable healthcare data interoperability.
  • We prioritize your business requirements to optimize PHM solutions feature set and create software with the end user in mind.
  • We have a profound understanding of the healthcare IT domain — and a proven track record of successful projects to back up the claim.
  • We’ll help you automate workflows and patient outreach campaigns, thus giving your employees an opportunity to focus on creative tasks and do what they are good at — i.e., taking care of patients.