Leveraging Smart Lighting Technology for Effective Energy Usage & Visual Comfort

Operated via a centralized dashboard and custom mobile applications directly through the cloud, business and Smart Home lighting solutions utilize RGB, PIR, photocell and digital temperature sensor data, as well as connected relays and video cameras, for daylight harvesting, presence simulation and autonomous decision making. The ultimate goals of implementing IoT smart lighting systems in residential and commercial buildings include:

Energy Efficiency
  • analyze real-time data obtained from environmental, activity and occupancy sensors to ensure efficient energy use and visual comfort
On-the-go Control
  • harness intelligent connectivity technologies — i.e., Bluetooth, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Thread — to remotely configure, secure and operate the entire mesh network of smart lighting products
  • integrate connected lighting solutions with an existing building energy management system (BEMS) and 3rd-party Smart Home products including Home Kit and Android Things devices

Changing the Way Users Interact with Lightning

Smart lighting technology is a major milestone in the development of the LED lighting industry. From low-bandwidth IP lighting to scalable wireless mesh networks of smart bulbs, connected lighting solutions introduce a more efficient and convenient way to manage illumination in a home, office building or shopping facility.

  • Remotely adjust the hue, saturation and brightness of connected luminaires
  • Orchestrate an IoT smart lighting system via voice commands (Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, custom solutions)
  • Establish scheduled lighting patterns to improve home security
  • Set up presence lighting triggered by object detection
  • Manage the components of a home entertainment or HVAC system using the smart lighting hub
  • Enable complex smart lighting management logic based on the If This Then That (IFTTT) service

R-Style Lab: on a Mission to Illuminate Connected Homes & Commercial Buildings

  • R-Style Lab has hands-on experience creating top-notch Home Automation products — i.e., security systems based on the image recognition technology, HVAC management solutions and Smart Home device hubs designed for increased interoperability, effortless configuration and automatic OTA firmware updates.
  • We ensure always-on access to a smart lighting system, optimize power consumption and extend connected bulbs’ lifespan with the aid of embedded low-power connectivity technologies.
  • Our Smart Home experts will create a full-scale software infrastructurecloud, web, mobile and low-level applications — supporting various lighting scenarios, recommend the appropriate communication technology and design an effective smart lighting control interface enhanced with wireless dimmers, keypads and the voice recognition capabilities.
  • Besides comprehensive smart lighting development services, we help IoT startups and commercial property owners build tangible prototypes of a connected lighting solution using off-the-shelf hardware components and enclosure.