Social Networking Website & App Development Services: Creating Meaningful Business-to-Customer Interactions

As a prominent social network development company, we have a profound understanding of the mechanisms shaping online user behavior in the Digital Era. From top-notch enterprise social networking (ESN) solutions to robust mobile applications with the essential social features like instant messaging, ratings and comments, we know how to build high-performance software products designed for increased user engagement and retention.

Social Networking Website Development
  • Our social networking developers create community portals, intranet software, co-creation platforms, microblogging solutions and story-based social networking websites on top of ready-made CMSs (WordPress, Drupal) and versatile PHP frameworks such as Symfony and Laravel. In order to help our customers increase employee productivity and reach target audiences online, we draw on our experience in designing stylish user interfaces, powerful back-ends and advanced collaboration tools including live chat, voice and video conferencing and baked-in analytics.
Social Media Application Development
  • R-Style Lab blends social media features into existing software products and designs brand-new solutions with user engagement in mind. Having worked on miscellaneous social networking app development projects — i.e., dating applications with AI-based matching algorithms, customer referral systems, mobile e-readers with Reddit-like chat rooms, bot-assisted messengers, customizable exercise programs with scoreboards and mobile-based loyalty programs —, we knows how to capitalize on social interactions and will gladly share the knowledge with our clients!
Social Media Integration & Feature Enhancement
  • We artfully combine our web and mobile development expertise with the impeccable implementation of social features to enable smooth integration with popular social networks and media apps, merge CRM solutions with social channels and mine social data. Furthermore, we help customers leverage the power of social tools (personalized ads, reviews, peer-to-peer recommendations, referrals) for a better ROI by integrating the functionality into e-commerce and m-commerce solutions and transforming online conversations into actionable insights through data processing.

Technology Stack

Profile-centric apps & social sharing
social network SDKs, Laravel Socialite
User administration
Simple User Management (Drupal); User Role Editor, WP Members (WordPress); Laravel core, Laravel-permission, Bouncer (Laravel)
Live chat & conferencing
Socket.IO, WebSocket Live Chat, VoIP; DrupalChat (Drupal); Web Instant Messenger, FCChat Widget, BLOGCHAT (WordPress); Larasocial, Laravel Echo (Laravel)
Firebase Dynamic Link, social SDKs, custom-written referral system solutions
Social commerce
Ecwid, BigCommerce; Wishlist, Instagram, Facebook Tab, AddShoppers (WooCommerce)
Chatbot development
BotMan, FondBot, Amazon Lex, Dialogflow, Facebook Messenger Platform, Telegram Bot API
Customer reviews
PHP Review Script; Customer Reviews (WooCommerce); We Love Reviews, Fivestar, Drupal core (Drupal)
Customer sentiment analysis
Watson Natural Language Classifier, Salesforce, Lexalytics, Microsoft Text Analytics API

Indispensable Social Networking Features to Supercharge Your Software Solution

  • User profiles
  • Content & contributor network management
  • Feed updates
  • Live chat & discussions
  • Polling
  • Comments & reviews
  • Instant messages & video conferencing
  • Media sharing

Featured Social Networking & Media App Projects

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Vadim Kurtov, Project Manager, Group Lead Wargaming
“We conducted a tender to find the right development services company for redesigning the World of Tanks console portal. Among our main criteria were solid technical skills and mature project management workflows, which would allow the vendor to cooperate with our internal DevOps team and Digital Design department. After careful consideration, we selected R-Style Lab, as were impressed by their ideas and a clear vision of how to turn them into reality. And we never regretted our choice! The team was extremely responsive to all our requests and upcoming ideas and demonstrated a high level of proficiency and flexibility, while managing to deliver the solution on the budget and right within the timeline.”
Silje Willumsen Hansen, Project Manager WhiteFox AS
“R-Style Lab displayed great technical expertise and the ability to integrate into a dynamic project environment. Despite a minor incident involving a server crash, R-Style Lab proved to be a reliable development partner and the relationship is ongoing.”
Elyza Azarova, Co-Founder & Executive VP Amabella Invest LTD
“The team worked seamlessly with the in-house team to create a perfect product, on time for launch. They follow project management best practices and are always helpful. R-Style Lab went above and beyond in helping with marketing strategy and researching the best IT solutions.”
Hunter Jensen, CEO Barefoot Solutions, Inc.
"Having worked with a lot of USA and non US-based development teams, R-Style Lab software development company is hands down the best I've seen. They have a high level of professionalism, excellent communication skills, thorough quality assurance practices, and superb technical expertise. I have been very satisfied with the quality of the software products that they have delivered, and everything has been delivered on time, on budget, and to spec."
Bolatbek Ospanov, Founder, CBDO Smart Satu
"The success of any startup depends on its solid team and their commitment. We’ve found the perfect level of commitment with R-Style Lab. Besides stellar technical expertise, they have this striking passion for technology which enables them to think outside the box. R-Style Lab has developed a comprehensive business platform for us to facilitate cooperation between suppliers and their clients. This project has won startups competition in Kazakhstan which was organized by a Swiss company Seedstars World and will compete for a 1 mln dollar prize in the World Competition. The system is already popular not only in Kazakhstan, but in Kirgizstan and Bulgaria as well."  
Marc Zirka, CEO Telcovision Group
"Working with R-Style is a pure example of software development outsourcing. It was a great pleasure working with a competent and flexible team, where the focus is on the quality and the timeliness of the deliverables. R-Style developed for us the backend for FROGO our new Dating Mobile Application where the outcome was more than satisfactory. Moreover, R-Style team and leadership were providing us at all times their support and were available to answer any questions we had. Working with them gave us a great level of comfort and trust"  

R-Style Lab: the Right Social Network Development Company for Your Top-level Project

We follow social network development best practices
to verify your idea, choose the optimum technology stack based on project requirements and create a software solution with a strong commercial appeal.
We design scalable infrastructures
that easily handle traffic growth and future-proof your business.
We take one step at a time
and recommend that our customers start with an MVP and gradually expand software functionality; we’ll provide you with alternative feature set for A/B testing to ensure your product’s success.
We prioritize user experience
from designing effective navigation and visually compelling interfaces to preventing unauthorized access to user data and ensuring GDPR compliance, our expert social network development team will go the extra mile to help you acquire, retain and engage users.

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