Software Development for Startups: Fostering Innovation & Empowering Digital Transformation Initiatives

R-Style Lab understands the challenges faced by device manufacturers, small business disruptors and technology innovators on the way from a brilliant business concept to a winning execution. Our comprehensive startup development services include:

Comprehensive R&D
  • We have the required expertise and R&D facilities to assess the feasibility of your business idea and create a Proof of Concept (PoC). By adopting a research-driven strategy to innovative software development, you’ll be able to foresee and navigate roadblocks, cross-examine potential pitfalls and identify product market fit with minimum risks, investments and resources involved. We also help companies create prototypes and presentation materials for investors and offer rapid MVP development services, thus enabling our customers to test the product with the target audience early on and make timely changes to the project scope.
Full-cycle software development
  • We offer all-inclusive software development services for non-tech startups from multiple industries including HoReCa, retail, education and healthcare. In order to create a realistic product roadmap covering all stages of a project, we start with the Discovery Phase which involves business analysis and requirements elicitation aimed at developing a deeper understanding of the end product, the processes it is intended to facilitate and technologies behind it. You’ll be working with a skilled PM and Account Manager who will translate your business values into technology requirements (and vice versa) and ensure successful project delivery.
Team extension & Consulting
  • We collaborate with entrepreneurs looking to expand their in-house technology stack capabilities without hiring and training new staff. R-Style Lab will provide a dedicated development team to bridge the knowledge gap in your project and speed up time to market, while granting you the right to manage your remote employees directly. Besides dedicated development services, we help companies conduct code review and software feature analysis and redesign existing solutions. Tap into our expertise to unlock your company’s potential and meet business objectives!

Startup Development Process Explained

Project assessment & roadmap development
  • We receive and process your request.
  • After we sign an NDA, you communicate with a Business Development Manager and Software Architect to clarify project requirements.
  • We provide you with an estimate and a tech vision covering the stages of the development process and recommend a suitable project management methodology (Waterfall for standard projects, Agile for innovative ones).
Software product development
  • We sign the contract.
  • The project scope is broken down into phases designed to produce pieces of functionality or software features.
  • You work with a PM and Account Manager, review deliverables and get tangible results with each project phase.
Software Project Delivery
  • We make use of reliable testing tools to ensure software quality and provide assistance with product deployment.
  • We offer an exclusive warranty on your product which ensures the system will work as described in the specification.
  • All IP rights and the source code belong to you.

Startup Solutions to Achieve Your Goals

  • We develop top-notch mobile, web and IoT-based solutions to help retail and e-commerce Startups reach shoppers online, deliver personalized customer experience, prevent out-of-stocks and increase supply chain transparency. These include robust mCommerce applications supporting fast order placement, chatbots, location-aware apps for effective contextual marketing, feature-rich websites based on CMSs and flexible PHP frameworks and reliable back-ends for retail IoT solutions.
  • The R-Style Lab team crafts fault-free mobile and web solutions aimed at improving healthcare interoperability, facilitating medical practice management and promoting healthy lifestyle. Our healthcare and wellness solution portfolio features mobile and tablet apps integrated with fitness trackers, heart monitors and exercise equipment, customizable mobile-based workout programs and media-rich portals for patient education.
Horeca & hospitality
  • Our team knows how to build brand awareness for your HoReCa or hospitality company, streamline its growth with viral hooks and get repeat customers. To achieve these goals, we create food delivery apps with advanced back-end systems enabling order management, message exchange and secure payment transaction processing, content-driven online presence solutions, reservation and property management software, as well as customer loyalty and referral programs with built-in user engagement mechanisms.
  • We create multi-level software solutions supporting smart device connectivity and management, as well as sensor data acquisition, processing and visualization. These include BLE-enabled mobile apps, advanced analytics and reporting tools, scalable infrastructure and middleware. We also prototype connected devices using off-the-shelf IoT boards to assist Startup businesses in validating their ideas and avoiding costly mistakes which stem from wrong technology choices.
Media & entertainment
  • We design visually appealing apps and websites — including those with the decoupled architecture — to accelerate content production and distribution and provide web app integration and optimization services to enhance software performance and content portability. Furthermore, R-Style Lab has hands-on experience building photo editing apps based on Machine Learning, video and audio streaming applications and mobile games with stunning graphics.
  • Our team creates user-centered social applications including nightlife and dating apps with live chat, booking and data sourcing modules, business-grade collaborative tools providing secure access to mission-critical data, community portals supporting multiple user roles, dating and portfolio websites. We take a content-driven approach to social networking solutions development to increase your company’s online visibility and app store ranking and maximize your content marketing efforts.

Featured Startup Projects

R-Style Lab Startup Knowledge Library

R-Style Lab is one of the companies that help Startups achieve business objectives in a variety of ways, including through knowledge sharing. This collection of articles covering the most common questions our customers have is a joint effort of our marketing and software development teams. Make sure to subscribe to our blog to keep up with the latest technology news and trends!


Vadim Kurtov, Project Manager, Group Lead Wargaming
“We conducted a tender to find the right development services company for redesigning the World of Tanks console portal. Among our main criteria were solid technical skills and mature project management workflows, which would allow the vendor to cooperate with our internal DevOps team and Digital Design department. After careful consideration, we selected R-Style Lab, as were impressed by their ideas and a clear vision of how to turn them into reality. And we never regretted our choice! The team was extremely responsive to all our requests and upcoming ideas and demonstrated a high level of proficiency and flexibility, while managing to deliver the solution on the budget and right within the timeline.”
Silje Willumsen Hansen, Project Manager WhiteFox AS
“R-Style Lab displayed great technical expertise and the ability to integrate into a dynamic project environment. Despite a minor incident involving a server crash, R-Style Lab proved to be a reliable development partner and the relationship is ongoing.”
Elyza Azarova, Co-Founder & Executive VP Amabella Invest LTD
“The team worked seamlessly with the in-house team to create a perfect product, on time for launch. They follow project management best practices and are always helpful. R-Style Lab went above and beyond in helping with marketing strategy and researching the best IT solutions.”
Hunter Jensen, CEO Barefoot Solutions, Inc.
"Having worked with a lot of USA and non US-based development teams, R-Style Lab software development company is hands down the best I've seen. They have a high level of professionalism, excellent communication skills, thorough quality assurance practices, and superb technical expertise. I have been very satisfied with the quality of the software products that they have delivered, and everything has been delivered on time, on budget, and to spec."
Bolatbek Ospanov, Founder, CBDO Smart Satu
"The success of any startup depends on its solid team and their commitment. We’ve found the perfect level of commitment with R-Style Lab. Besides stellar technical expertise, they have this striking passion for technology which enables them to think outside the box. R-Style Lab has developed a comprehensive business platform for us to facilitate cooperation between suppliers and their clients. This project has won startups competition in Kazakhstan which was organized by a Swiss company Seedstars World and will compete for a 1 mln dollar prize in the World Competition. The system is already popular not only in Kazakhstan, but in Kirgizstan and Bulgaria as well."  
Marc Zirka, CEO Telcovision Group
"Working with R-Style is a pure example of software development outsourcing. It was a great pleasure working with a competent and flexible team, where the focus is on the quality and the timeliness of the deliverables. R-Style developed for us the backend for FROGO our new Dating Mobile Application where the outcome was more than satisfactory. Moreover, R-Style team and leadership were providing us at all times their support and were available to answer any questions we had. Working with them gave us a great level of comfort and trust"  

R-Style Lab Core Values

Intellectual Property Protection
From compulsory NDA signing to IP rights and source code transfer, we take comprehensive measures to protect your business ideas.
On-time & On-budget Delivery
We foresee potential pitfalls and manage resources accordingly to deliver software solutions on time and within the agreed budget.
We regard constructive feedback sessions as a cornerstone of successful software product development and ensure your requirements are met.

R-Style Lab: the Ultimate Startup Development Services Provider

We know how important timing is in ensuring your company’s success. On top of our comprehensive software development services for Startups, we do consulting, help our customers with pitching and turn to the Lean Startup methodology to streamline MVP development and enable our clients to continuously test and improve their product. Make sure to address our team to discuss your project!

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