Voice Home Automation: Empowering Users to Converse with Smart Home Devices

Driven by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, speech recognition solutions distinguish the voice of a speaker, filter background noise, convert human speech into digital data and pass the information for further analysis in the cloud to generate an appropriate response and orchestrate Smart Home devices. To add voice recognition capabilities to a connected home system, IoT startups can opt for a ready-made virtual assistant, such as Alexa, or build one using open-source APIs, libraries and services (Python SpeechRecognition, Watson Speech to Text, Wit.ai). The fundamental requirements for voice-based Home Automation systems include:

Robust Cognitive Capabilities
  • voice control software should support the execution of basic home management commands and provide answers to searchable questions
  • a voice user interface must serve as a communication and configuration hub for Smart Home devices produced by different vendors
3rd-party Skills & Baked-in Security
  • voice automation software should possess 3rd-party skills — i.e., on-demand appointment scheduling or the integration with taxi services, — and feature security mechanisms preventing unauthorized access to connected devices

Desired Functionality of a Home Assistant: Voice Automation in Context

Being merged in nearly all modern Smart Home, Digital Health and Industrial IoT systems, speech recognition solutions enable hands-free interactions between users and technology, which can either be completed solely via voice commands or initiated by voice and accomplished on a screen. Below you will find a list of features users expect to see in a voice-controlled Home Automation product:

  • Lighting management
  • Climate control
  • Home audio & entertainment center
  • Remote household appliance control & maintenance
  • Motorized window blinds & shades
  • Event scheduling
  • Power consumption & energy bill monitoring
  • Smart Home security system

Why Entrust Voice Control Software Development to R-Style Lab?

Whether you decide to extend the functionality of a custom Smart Home solution with an existing intelligent assistant or create a voice user interface from the ground up, you need a skilled developer team with previous AI experience to fast-track the project. What makes R-Style Lab the right technology partner for your company?

  • Having completed multiple Smart Home projects, we understand the fundamentals of voice interactions and address speech recognition solutions development and performance issues — including microphone-related constraints and background noise removal — on the software level.
  • We draw on our profound AWS experience to create Alexa skills and the corresponding back-end logic using the Alexa Skill Set and flexible web application development tools.
  • Besides voice automation, we have a solid grasp of the image recognition and biometrics technologies; tap into our expertise to enhance the security of your custom Smart Home solution!
  • We apply context to voice interface design and enable built-in support for 3rd-party products and services to craft connected home systems with a strong market appeal.