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Drupal Development Talent to Back Your Content Management Strategy

Entertainment & Media Publishing
  • Drupal is an unfailing option for content-driven solutions like news portals, online magazines, and entertainment websites with a high-volume digital content production line. R-Style Lab will ensure nifty visualization of your content across all devices, user engagement through its interactivity, an effortless content creation process, as well as granular authorization and access permissions to support clockwork content publication, and resilience to both a constant high load and spikes in traffic.
Corporate Brand Presence
  • To minimize hard coding, HTML slicing and templating on a per-page basis and streamline new content publication and its updates for non-technical users, R-Style Lab team will put in place a web CMS solution and extend it with modules unique for your content needs. Content authors will be able to easily update your brand content via a WYSIWYG editor, and create new layouts by re-arranging cookie-cutter blocks in a mix-and-match fashion via a set of user-friendly visual controls and views.
eLearning & Online Courses
  • Tapping into our solid knowledge of the Drupal ecosystem and eLearning domain, R-Style Lab will take advantage of Drupal-based platforms to implement flexible and scalable solutions both for academic and professional learning. From extending the Opingo LMS and OpenAcademy distro to integrating with course management systems such as Moodle, we’ll develop web solutions that will enable educators create and manage personalized learning programs, and learners track their progress and improve their skills in a collaborative environment.
Integrated eCommerce & Content
  • If you are planning migration from pure Drupal content platform to an online shopping solution, R-Style Lab team will build upon core CMS functionality with Drupal Commerce, Commerce Kickstart or other frameworks, distros and extensions. We’ll piece together our eCommerce and Drupal application development experience, and use payment processing, discount and tax calculation, asset tracking and shipping extensions, as well as recommendation engines to deliver for your company highly customized eCommerce or social commerce solutions.
API-driven Multi-device Content Delivery
  • We’ll deploy a decoupled Drupal to help you apply content delivery at scale and serve data from a single place to multiple interfaces from in-car infotainment systems and TVs to JavaScript-powered websites and IoT devices. R-Style Lab will enable an API-first publishing approach that allows to feed content via JSON APIs to any interface. You’ll avoid a bulky solution with a ui-enabled back-end admin that doesn’t impose any restrictions on multiple device-specific front-end instances. Benefit from the “publish once and serve everywhere” content delivery paradigm with a headless CMS!
Community Collaboration & Intranets
  • Drupal offers a pack of pre-built options to enable productive collaboration among employees or project-related communities. R-Style Lab team will make use of out-of-the-box modules and frameworks, including Drupal Commons, Open Social, Open Atrium, to quickly set-up intranet websites and work management platforms, and tailor them to align with your business needs. Our Drupal developers will improve collaboration workflows within your company with taskboards, public and private groups, document management, wikis, clear activity threads, and other features.

Technology & Tools

Angular6, React, Vue.js, HTML5/CSS3
Templating & Editors:
Twig, CKEditor
Drupal Commerce, Commerce Kickstart
Acquia, OpenDevShop, Pantheon
CMS & Frameworks:
Drupal 8, Drupal 7.5, Contenta CMS, Lightning
3rd-party Services:
Google Analytics API, Marketo API, SendGrid API, MailChimp API
Opingo, OpenAcademy
KernelTestBase, BrowserTestBase, PHPUnit
Databases & tools:
MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, phpMyAdmin
ClassLoader, XHProf, XDebug, HttpFoundation, HttpKernel , DependencyInjection

Implementing Tools for Integrated Approach to Your Digital Presence Management

We understand that a successful online content strategy is not limited to putting your word out there. To be on a roll means you can see into what performs on your website and what requires further adjustments, and create consistent customer journeys across all your digital channels. Our Drupal web developers will tie together Drupal core functionality with instrumental software that helps you make data-based decisions, automate your sales and marketing funnel, and create a positive brand experience for your online visitors.

Marketing Automation
To aid you with marketing efforts, R-Style Lab will integrate your CMS with all necessary digital marketing tools from email marketing services like MailChimp to full-scale marketing automation platforms like HubSpot or Marketo.
Sales Funnel Management
We’ll connect your CMS to CRM or other sales tools to set-up an easy and efficient lead qualification and nurturing lifecycle, as early as from the first contact via a web form or website chat.
Customer Experience Technology
Machine learning, NLP, and AI technologies are huge levers for improving customer experience. R-Style Lab will make modern chatbot and sentiment analysis solutions an integral part of your web CMS to empower you with efficient customer expectation and online reputation management tools.
User-generated Content & Social Media
Engaging content is the one that involves active user participation. We’ll make sure your Drupal solution has all social sharing, commenting and other UGC interactivity in place to make your content engaging.

Featured Projects

Comprehensive Drupal Web Development

Drupal Theme Development
  • Front-end Drupal developers at R-Style Lab will create a personalized look and feel for your brand, optimize UI presentation for consistent experience on multiple interfaces, and ensure semantic SEO-friendly pages markup.
Drupal 8 Development & Migration
  • R-Style Lab tech architects will carefully plan and carry out your solution data migration to the more powerful Drupal 8, as well as help you make the most of the improved 8 version for your brand-new content-driven project.
Drupal Module Development
  • We’ll add any module from the Drupal collection or develop a custom one to solve your business-specific content problems. Our tech team will also set-up a smooth deployment process to guarantee data integrity for continuous module-related delivery and integration.
Custom Drupal Web Development
  • R-Style Lab will exploit existing modules, develop custom reusable components, and efficiently integrate your CMS with legacy business software. We’ll employ caching, CDNs, and other performance optimization techniques to ensure content is delivered to users at warp speed, and enforce its compliance with stringent industry standards such as PCI, HIPAA and others.

Looking for Drupal Development Company to Build Your Solution?

We’ll create digital presence that will help you turn online surfers into your website visitors and your website visitors into converters. Share with us what content management issues you are grappling with, and R-Style Lab Drupal experts will consult you on what will work best for your business and take on your project!

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