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Exploit the Opportunities Offered by the iOS Ecosystem

R-Style Lab team has a vast mobile domain expertise and hands-on experience working with every version of iOS released since 2007. We help customers meet the App Store guidelines, maximize the platform’s monetization opportunities, port the functionality of iOS applications to wearables and unlock the business value of IoT.

Iphone & Ipad Apps
  • Our team follows industry-specific standards and applies proven iOS development tools and frameworks to craft high-performance iPhone and iPad applications which streamline mission-critical business processes, deliver captivating experiences, make use of contextual data and work in sync with the entire range of iOS products including HomeKit-compatible devices.
Apple TV Apps
  • Expand your brand presence and capitalize on opportunities offered by Apple TV – a sleek gadget designed to create shared immersive experiences! We build visually rich apps using tvOS, TVML and TVMLKit JS and port existing iOS projects to Apple TV, while taking full advantage of dedicated hardware including Siri Remote and implementing navigation patterns that make your digital content shine.
Apps for Apple Watch
  • Our skilled iOS developers have a solid grasp of watchOS and the WatchKit framework and know how to override Apple Watch app development constraints stemming from imperfect gesture recognition, screen resolution diversity and hardware design to extend the functionality of iOS applications including instant messaging, voice search and contactless payments to the wearable device.

iOS App Development Technology Stack

Programming languages
Swift, Objective-C, C++
Client server communication & data encryption, RestKit, RNCryptor
Cloud platforms
Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Firebase
Graphics rendering
OpenGL, Core Graphics
Proximity technologies
iBeacon, RFID, NFC, BLE
SDKs & frameworks
tvOS, TVMLKit, WatchKit, ARKit, UIKit, Social Networking SDKs
TestFlight, XCUITest

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What Makes R-Style Lab the Ultimate iOS App Development Company?

Full-cycle expertise
R-Style Lab will support your project from the initial idea feasibility analysis to product deployment.
Streamlined project delivery
we leverage the power of DevOps, BDD and flexible Agile methodologies to deliver app functionality faster and accelerate time to market.
Assistance with the App Store submission
our team ensures full compliance with the App Store guidelines to get your app approved and published on schedule.
Enhanced application security
our developers follow iOS app development best practices, encrypt data and make use of reliable open-source software components.
Continuous performance optimization
we boost app performance through effective CPU/GPU utilization and prompt communication with back-end systems.
Emphasis on user experience
we take a content-driven approach to UX design, create visually compelling interfaces and provide you with UI assets and alternative feature set for conducting A/B testing.

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Besides comprehensive iOS app development services, we offer exclusive maintenance packages to help customers keep apps up-to-date, start-up specials including rapid prototyping and MVP development and consulting services. Do not hesitate to contact our iOS experts to discuss your project!

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